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By sneaK on May 5, 2019 at 10:04 PM
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    • surf_pantheon_beta is now surf_pantheon, with 3 bonuses. All times have been ported.
    • Removed buttons from surf_domain
    • Slight performance improvement to Retakes servers
    • Damage to self from HE grenades has been enabled on Retakes and 1v1 Arenas servers, to emulate competitive gameplay
    • KZTimer server has had a ranking system update; the static "improvement points" multiplier has been eliminated. Do not be alarmed if you seem to have "lost points" or gone down in ranks, we will be re-evaluating the percentile requirement for each rank in the coming weeks. Reasoning behind eliminating the static multiplier:
      • KZTimer at times will randomly wipe player's multiplier (improve points), so some people have lost points unjustly.
      • A static level of improvement points (without gaining any ranking placement or significant time improve) is plain broken. You should only gain points for getting a better rank.
      • A base of 30 points each improve regardless of time was extremely exploitable.
    • Fixed issue with donation system not communicating properly with Paypal
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Discussion in 'Server/Site Updates' started by sneaK, May 5, 2019.

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