Server Update - 8/28/20

Happy Friday all!

We are actively recruiting for the Operations and Events teams! If you wish to actively help us behind the scenes and volunteer some time/expertise, feel free to head on over to the Staff Applications section.

Here is the update round-up of the past month.

  • Added surf_blackheart (T6 Linear)
  • Added surf_solace (Tier 5 Staged)
  • Added surf_stitched (T5 Staged)
  • Fixed surf_sunset2_fix stage 2 booster
  • Fixed clip exploit on surf_trihard stage 3
  • Surf Timer - Minor performance improvements and small various fixes
  • Added new KZ Global maps:
    • bkz_pogo (T3)
    • bkz_zephyr_v2 (T2)
    • kz_antharas (T5)
    • kz_avalon (T2)
    • kz_bloodline (T3)
    • kz_cereal (T3)
    • kz_coastline_gl (T3)
    • kz_how2slide (T3)
    • kz_list_gnida (T4)
    • kz_mieszaneuczucia (T6)
    • kz_slide_vaahtera (T4)
    • kz_slowrun_global (T6)
    • kz_theaquila (T4)
    • kz_zaloopazxc (T6)
  • Don't forget, the GOKZ Replay Viewer is back up, and always up to date with the latest maps and server records.

1v1 Arenas
  • Added am_backrooms
  • Added am_population_v2
  • Fixed issue where players could use the in-game buy menu in certain instances
  • Fixed crash on bhop_evolve
  • We have been slowly open sourcing many of the tools we use, check out our GitHub!
  • VIP's and Discord Nitro Boosters now have access to the brand new #vip channel in Discord. Here you can expect to see more active staff involvement (including myself), more frequent "heads up" of updates, and feedback discussion. A bit more of a tame environment for the people that support our great community. If you haven't joined our Discord yet, click here!
Quite a bit in the pipeline for the next few months, and we are coming up on our 5th Anniversary - expect quite a bit of fun!


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