Server Update - 8/7/19

Discussion in 'Server/Site Updates' started by sneaK, Aug 7, 2019.

By sneaK on Aug 7, 2019 at 10:22 PM
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    1v1 Arenas:
    • Fixed Headshot only rounds being enabled for non-projectile weapon rounds (knife, grenade, etc) on Arenas servers
    • Added am_azul
    • Removed am_snow_cbg as it could not support 32 players
    • We're trying a new show damage plugin which is more optimized, and can easily be configured by users. We'll be making some tweaks to this in the coming weeks.
    • Lowered AFK move timer by 15%
    • Timer update:
      • Improved query optimizations (ranks)
      • Fixed certain zonetypes not displaying after the previous timer update
    • Fixed the intermittent crashing upon connection on the Top 100/VIP server
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Discussion in 'Server/Site Updates' started by sneaK, Aug 7, 2019.

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