Server Update - 9/10/18

Discussion in 'Server/Site Updates' started by sneaK, Sep 10, 2018.

By sneaK on Sep 10, 2018 at 8:26 PM
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    Small update today guys:
    • Small surf timer update:
      • Fixed HUD formatting for Panorama
      • Fixed a possible stage timer exploit
    • Fixed Chinese characters being displayed for English players on the /statsme portion of the ranking system (Retakes)
    Edit: Now testing a further timer update on Top 100/VIP server:
    • New record replays should now be much more accurate
    • Slope boosts should now react smoother and obey player gravity changes properly
    • Strafe sync updates much more smoothly
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Discussion in 'Server/Site Updates' started by sneaK, Sep 10, 2018.

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