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    My role as a administrator includes helping sneaks server and community become a better place for everyone to be. It also includes helping someone that needs help with an issue on the server. As being admin i would be on the server anytime I am called for duty. Being a admin also includes reporting server issues to higher member with access to the servers console and being on the discord actively and assisting anyone in need. And if course banning and muting people. I will also be in discord to help people there also. My role is when people join for the first time to be welcomed nicely and friendly not by someone saying racial slurs.

    The reason I want to become admin is because its always something I wanted to do and I thought its the perfect time for me to do it since I play on your 1v1 server a lot. I also do not like being on the server with people saying racial slurs and remarks. I also feel that there are not enough admins to help and I feel I fit that gap, every time im on there are racist people on and people ear raping. Also I am a funny and a cool person to talk to and mature.

    The reason you should choose me is because I know when someone is cheating rather than a good player I am a pretty good player I would like to say. I also do not get mad or get aggravated in rough situations, I know how to keep calm. I am a mature player and I will never abuse glitches or bugs and report them immediately. I am a friendly person who knows how to act and be nice to one another even if they have been bad or mean to me or someone in the past. I will also not tolerate someone being racist or ear raping in chat. I am a pretty well known player on the server I have played sneak's 1v1 for probably 1 year now and know the players and server rules really well. The last thing i want to say is that i just want to be a cool person to everyone and just make everyone experience as good as posible. I am not here for the power I am here to take care of the server I really do care about the well being of this server.

    Online Hours
    6-9pm est weekdays or when school starts
    10am-1pm and 10-12pm weekens.
    That is just the hours i know i will be able to be on i will be on probably more than that.
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