Staff Application - PossiblyNipsy


Feb 8, 2020
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Username: PossiblyNipsy

In-Game Name:

26 in reality, 37 and divorced according to server lore

Steam Profile Link:

Position(s) you are applying for:

Server(s) you primarily play on:
Surf (all surf, incl. T100)

Would you commit yourself to regularly answering Call Admin pings via Discord?:

Days/Times of the week you are usually on:
Most evenings after 6PM EST.

What unique qualities would you bring to the position(s) you are applying for?:
I get along with most people and usually fit in well. I'm approachable and inclusive. I like to keep a sense of humor, make people laugh and be optimistic, but I've got fairly thick skin in case that wouldn't be enough during conflict resolution. The extent to which those are true is the unique quality. That also adds up to me not being a hardass with rules - not that I wouldn't enforce them, just that I wouldn't be unreasonable or go straight for the gun in every situation.

I'm also very honest - if you've spoken with me for long enough then you'll know about that. I don't mean "get over it snowflakes" honest, more like "I don't like liars so I avoid being one, even to my detriment" kind of honest.

I also wouldn't advertise the fact that I'm a moderator because that just opens the door for people to stop breaking rules right when a moderator joins. I've seen it a bunch so I'll do what I could to mitigate that. If there was a way to apply privately and not have anyone know if I was accepted then I would've done that. Low-key, y'know? I do get that transparency is the reason for it to be like this, so no biggie.

Boy I hate talking about myself.

Have you ever had any administrative action taken upon you?:
Yes - I once asked for a temp ban to study for exams. That request was granted. Probably a mute or two on there too, but I'd bet its fewer than 5.

Any additional relevant information:
I've got school and work going on, so I don't want to absolutely guarantee that I'll answer calladmin on a regular basis. However, if I'm on the server or doing nothing and one comes up I'll answer it. So I picked "no" to be honest, but I feel like my regular playtime balances it out.

Also, I'm positive that a lot of regulars on the surf server know me and can vouch that I'm not a villain.

I also stuffed a bunch of $20 bills into my PC disk tray as a bribe for whoever sees this. You'll get it when you type +1 :^)


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Mar 1, 2019
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+1 actually a good human

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