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Apr 11, 2020
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User name: ✪Tr1ck3d -iwnl-

In-Game Name:


Steam Profile Link:

Position(s) you are applying for:
Events Team

Server(s) you primarily play on:
1v1, Retakes #1,#2, and #3, Sometimes surf

Would you commit yourself to regularly answering Call Admin pings via Discord?:

Days/Times of the week you are usually on:
Im on from about 4pm-10pm(Right now during corona almost all day) PST

What unique qualities would you bring to the position(s) you are applying for?:
I have had experience seeing that I have been on a irl Events team before! I am pretty creative ( I think). I love collaborating with others since im very used to it in school, and I feel like I have a good attitude! I want to make the environment a good place and let everyone have fun! I feel like having fun is one of the most important things so I will strive to make events with my future (Hopefully) peers that everyone enjoys!

I have played alot of sneaK's servers after starting CS:GO. So fair I have 200 hours and almost half of them are played on sneaK's! I feel like we can take more of the communities opinions and incorporate them into our events! I have befriended many people after joining sneaK's servers and I hope that these events while bring more people to the server's and let more people meet and make new friends that they wouldnt have made if it were not for the events!

Finally I think that collaboration is very big in our community! If I am accepted I will try my best to create innovative events which require the players doing the event to collaborate and the devs and the event team collaborate to! These are my main goals and I hope to help this server succeed!

Have you ever had any administrative action taken upon you?:
No (At least I don't think so!)

Any additional relevant information:
I am doing this just to get more friends and have fun while helping the community! I dont care about the tags and stuff but I do care about what I can learn from this experience! Also im doing this so I can get more experience and hopefully apply for mod. But the main reason im doing this is to help the community become more connected! Thank you for spending your time on reading my application and I hope to become part of the team soon!
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