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Jul 1, 2020
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A discussion was brought up earlier in sneaK's community about possibly being able to view dates set on our records. It's not a priority suggestion, but it's one that'd be quite fun to lookup. Similarly as !timeplayed.

The ideal: When a user !p's themselves, or others, and views "Finished Maps", in the console output, it'd be interesting if it could also grab the date set on each record, and display it accordingly. Secondly, the !mrank function to have an addition of some form of ".... set on X/X/X"

I'm unsure of the practicality of implementing something of the sort as I was looking in the various default SurfTimer mysql values/columns as this is a suggestion of past-record lookup, and the only "date" I can see is in "ck_latestrecords", which I'm unsure of how distantly that extends. It might have to be extended with adding in a table/column for the timestamp if it'll display past dates.

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