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Discussion in 'Completed' started by |TAOk|Impulse, Sep 14, 2018.

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    Reason for ban: Duplicate account

    Why should I be unbanned? Firstly, I should maybe ask what it means by Duplicate account. I'll go ahead and address what I think it means in case I'm right: I could understand duplicate as meaning there's 2 people with similar profiles, someone impersonating anothers profile. My profile pictures and names do not correspond with anyone else to my knowledge.

    I've done a google search for what else I think it could mean. If it's that my IP matches another banned player that is likely due to my VPN provider, IP Vanish. People connect to the same servers and my understanding would be shared IPs. I can prove that I have said VPN installed on my computer and running: (see attached image) You can also lookup the ip and see that ipvanish owns it.

    If I'm misinformed and did do something wrong I promise that I'm good at obeying rules and learning from mistakes.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    Thanks, this ban was indeed due to utilizing an IP that a cheater has been previously banned on.

    Unbanned, please avoid using a VPN to connect to our servers so this doesn't happen again!

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