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    Last person who posts wins

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    Last person who posts wins

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    i am watching taiwanese news right now

    Event information will be sent to the TV stick for 24 hours. :PogChamp:
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    Server Update - 1/5/21

    This is very epic but not as epic as the 2020 yearly roundup POGGERS
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    Last person who posts wins

    can I get a free like
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    Last person who posts wins

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    Last person who posts wins

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    Accepted/Completed Add am_jungle

    Gonna be honest I don't mess with those world and face align boxes so I have no idea lol
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    Accepted/Completed Add am_jungle

    If you didn't know you can align textures easily by highlighting a texture and then alt right clicking the brush next to it gif for example Also feel free to join the discord, if you ever need help with map stuff go ahead and ask :D
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    Accepted/Completed Add am_jungle

    Still a few clipping and texture alignment problems for the "railings"(not sure what to call them 😅) on the bridges, up to you if you want to fix them, other than that map looks good 👍 Vertex tool can fix this easily, just gotta align the corners you can delete this small brush and use the...
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    Accepted/Completed Add am_jungle

    I was purely looking for things outside playability as you mentioned you've tested it a bunch so I'm sure it's fine. Mostly just a visual thing, figured I would go ahead and point it out.
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    Accepted/Completed Add am_jungle

    there's a few things I noticed. here's an imgur album I went ahead and looked at your map in hammer, everything seems to be off grid so I'm not sure if you want to take the time to align everything. Biggest problem I noticed was both spawns are not equal in size
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    Welcome gamer
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    Denied Staff Application - Headshot

    I would recommend reading over the overview page once again and edit your application as you do not meet the requirements for Administrator. You can however apply for Moderator, here's the overview page.

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