Donor Perks


VIP Perks - All Servers

  • Reserved Slot Access to all of our servers, get in the server even when it's full!
  • Donor/VIP Recognition Tag in our servers, with access to exclusive other custom Donor-only tags
  • Donors earn 50% more store credits per minute than standard users
  • Access to vote mute, gag, map extend, set next map, changelevel
  • AFK Kicker immunity
  • Ability to use custom name & chat colors in-game
  • VIP Discord Role (upon request)
  • The satisfaction of supporting your favorite servers!

Competitive Servers Perks (Arenas, Retakes, etc)

  • Retakes Priority Queue - Skip the line, get playing immediately!
  • Exclusive Store Items: Death Sounds, Accessories, Custom Name/Chat Colors, Custom Tags

Surf, KZ, Bhop Perks

  • Access to the Top 100/VIP Only servers
  • Give weapon menu access (Surf/Bhop/KZ only)
  • Show triggers (Surf only)
  • Paint
  • Custom start position (Surf & Bhop)
  • Exclusive Store Items - Accessories, Player Skins, Glows, Wings, Trails, Custom Name/Chat Colors, Custom Tags, etc
  • FOV Changer

Discord Perks

  • Access to the VIP Lounge voice and text channels
  • Ability to create your own custom private/public voice channel
  • Ability to change your username color on demand

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  What do my donations get used for?  
  • Keeping the servers up by paying the monthly costs. These servers aren't free, and the hardware purchased is there to maximize performance, and to create a perfect, lag-free experience for all players.
  • Towards plugins that are not publicly available, but benefit our servers and community. We run a few private plugins that separate our servers from others, improving them for all who join. You may not notice them, but they're there!
  • Towards the community, developers, and folks that help make all of this possible. I spend time helping others troubleshoot issues with their servers, plugins etc. Some of these people have also helped me troubleshoot in the past. I also like to give a small contribution to the developers who make this all possible - without them, we wouldn't be here today. These small contributions also motivate developers to continue updating their plugins/software, to keep us at the cutting edge with the latest and greatest.

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    Sep 15, 2016
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