Community Rules

Community Rules

  1. Be considerate of everyone's experience. Friendly banter is normal, but being abusive, attacking, or leaking personal information about another player is not tolerated. Be respectful of everyone.
  2. Do not voice/chat spam. We have zero tolerance for voice or chat spamming, this includes being overly loud on the microphone, spamming the chat, playing music, prank calls, talking nonstop, etc.
  3. No cheating/hacking. We have a number of anti-cheat measures in place, including a large team of admins ready to quickly investigate suspected cheaters. That being said, we take care to minimize false positives, and have a quick and fair appeals process in place for those banned.
  4. Do not exploit major bugs. We wish to provide a simple playing environment with minimal rules, but a few bugs are so disruptive that we will ban their use in our community spaces.
  5. Do not undermine or interfere with administrative activities. Our admins volunteer their time to ensure a smooth & positive experience for all. Do not impersonate or waste their time.
  6. No advertising. Subtle self-advertisements such as in in-game names is fine, however unsolicited advertising is not allowed.
  7. Discrimination based upon race, gender, or religion is not tolerated and strictly enforced.

Timer Rules

  1. No account sharing. If found account sharing, bans will be issued on any/all found accounts, and all shared times removed.
  2. No alt accounts. Populating map/stage/bonus tops with more than one account will be strictly enforced.
  3. No abusing timer, map, or engine shortfalls/exploits. This includes, but is not limited to: super/crouch boosting, trigger hopping, abusing props, looping, etc. On rare occasion where a player accidentally sets a time using one of the above, a report should be filed to avoid a ban.

KZ Global Rules

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