sneaK's Community

sneaK's Community

Don't forget, our Minigames event is tonight @ 7pm EST, come through and play!
  • surf_beverages is now surf_beverages_remix_go! The change features all new textures, a modified stage 1, and a new bonus. All map and stage times have been ported over, 1.7s taken off of all map times and stage 1 times due to the change.
  • Fixed surf_666 b3 end zone
  • surf_strafe start zone is now a drop zone
  • Fixed possible telehop on surf_freedom-
  • Fixed possible illegal skip on surf_overgrowth2
  • Numerous fixes/changes to Minigames server:
    • Global auto-bhop has been removed on all maps that do not require it. It is re-enabled when a bhop minigame is chosen.
    • Adjusted round/map times on several maps
    • Fixed intermittent issue where physics settings were not applied properly, breaking some minigames or making them unavailable entirely
    • mg_piratewars_2012_go -> mg_piratewars_island
    • Fixed mg_wl_multigames_v1 from spawning weapons in pre-game lobby
    • Removed annoying spammy messages from several maps
    • Fixed reserve ammo being limited to 1 when a weapon is given to a player in a specific way
  • Added extended kill information to the kill feed on Retakes servers (kills when flashed, through smoke, etc)
  • Fixed a few physics oddities on competitive servers
Small update today, focusing on squashing some bugs:
  • surf_journeys is now surf_journeys_final, with 3 new bonuses. Replay bot will be unavailable until a new record is made, as the main map has shifted on the grid entirely from the original map. All times have been transferred.
  • Surf Timer updates:
    • Fixed an issue with PR's and other variables not resetting properly upon map change (reported to still be an issue despite the fix)
    • Fixed an issue where entering spectator and rejoining a team after noclipping would cause your timer to not start
    • There is no longer a cooldown for recently noclipping after using go to commands for stages, bonuses, restarts, or tele/back
  • Fixed an issue on surf_gauntlet_final where you would not be able to go from S2 > S3 under certain conditions
  • Attempted to fix a crash on surf_decked
  • Removed RNG on stage 8 of surf_hat
  • The GOKZ Replay Viewer is available again, a critical issue required some downtime
  • Improved call admin confirmation message
  • Fixed certain props not doing damage on the Minigames server
  • Removed am_ene_v1 from Arenas servers, it caused very low FPS for people with bad PC's
  • Improved end zones on surf_overgrowth2 and surf_sinsane2
  • Fixed missing tier on surf_nebula
  • Added new bhop maps:
    • bhop_4u
    • bhop_aks
    • bhop_araki
    • bhop_bedtime
    • bhop_belkapeace
    • bhop_boat_arya
    • bhop_cadpastiche
    • bhop_dark_ascension
    • bhop_edge_re
    • bhop_elements
    • bhop_galaxy
    • bhop_genosimplicity
    • bhop_glxy
    • bhop_gunoi
    • bhop_haarukka
    • bhop_idfk
    • bhop_isomer
    • bhop_kaisa
    • bhop_kake
    • bhop_khonsu
    • bhop_koreiskoe_govno
    • bhop_monument_valley_2
    • bhop_needyou
    • bhop_pafi
    • bhop_paskamappi
    • bhop_pharaoh
    • bhop_redmin
    • bhop_reverie
    • bhop_scrollcity
    • bhop_seasons3
    • bhop_strafe_summer
    • bhop_stref_amazon
    • bhop_zunron
  • Fixed a couple bhop map tiers
  • Fixed crash on bhop_epiphany_csgo
We're (slightly) rebranding!

I started this community back in 2015, with the goal of being able to provide a fun and unique experience to players. Since then, we have seen almost 800,000 players, international expansion, over 150 YEARS worth of play time, and an immense amount of unique individuals who have made this community what it is today. Over the past 4 years, I've had the great privilege to see this grow from a small group of friends, to a large, thriving, multi-national community. It's safe to say I can look back on my thousands of hours spent developing the community, and say it was absolutely worth it. I'm humbled to have had an impact on so many people, along with the help of too many others to mention!

Ok... so what's the change?
After significant time and deliberation, we have decided to rebrand to Sneak's Community. This absolutely is not a large change, and that's part of the purpose. I personally wanted to entirely rebrand to something more broad, taking my name out of it (to focus on YOU in the community), however after discussion, it was decided that was not the best of routes. A complete rebrand would be hard to adapt to, and possibly cause an entire "reset" of reputation. No one wants to lose members/traffic, so this was the way to go for the meantime.

What does this mean?
Actually, not a whole lot. The main purpose of this adjustment is to put emphasis on community! From our humble beginnings of just a couple fun CS:GO servers, to a community that plays numerous different games together, and hangs out regardless of gaming or not, the change is more symbolic than anything else. You'll start seeing small changes, from our website title and header, to in-game chat prefixes changed as well, but aside from this, there will be no significant changes.

P.S. We're also running a 3 month VIP giveaway over in...
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