sneaK's Servers

sneaK's Servers

Hey guys, today I want to discuss a bit more of a touchy subject, something I don't usually like to bring up.

Donations have always been like a tipping system in my eyes - if you thoroughly enjoy playing on our servers or in our community, want more out of it, and want to support us, then anyone has the option of donating. Unfortunately, this needs a bit of discussing, since Panorama came out.

As you all know, the Panorama UI was released as the now default UI back on August 2nd. With this update, Valve had removed the MOTD window - which is what we used to display ads, which in turn supports our community and helps pay the costs that keep our community services running. For the vast majority of the time that we ran ads, they were not required to stay on. Those who wanted to support the server could lower the volume of them, and others with poor internet connections/not-so-great PC's could disable them entirely. Now that this is gone, we have to re-evaluate our services & costs, the price of VIP (which has been slightly raised already), and how to deal with this in the future. There is some bit of cash reserves from when ads were plentiful to keep supporting the community, however this issue needs to be solved ASAP!

This month we are looking at about 15% of our monthly costs covered by donations so far. That's a pretty scary number, considering we are halfway through the month. There have been entire months recently where we have had only 5-10% of our costs covered by donations, which is incredibly low. Judging by previous months donations, I will need to make some drastic changes to make up for this, and unfortunately the EU dedicated server is looking like the first cut. As much as I would've loved to keep up several of the servers there, it's not looking feasible at the moment. At best, if donations make up for this month's quota I can keep a small VPS over there for the most popular servers (possibly a Tier 1-6 public surf server, KZ, and Retakes...
  • Added surf_hero (T4 Staged)
  • Added surf_rst (T4 Staged)
  • Fixed issue of loaded magazine not being reloaded upon kill on FFA DM server
  • Added small number of bots to FFA DM server for initial population
  • Removed several hundred unused emojis here on the forum for better overall performance
  • Added a helpful thank you e-mail upon successful donation, which outlines how to utilize all perks
  • Moved all of our self-hosted Discord bots over to our Linux box for better guaranteed uptime & performance
  • Fixed Pause function not working on GOKZ server (AC conflict)
Hey, everybody!

My name is The Empathetic Peacemaker. I used to be the Director of Community Engagement at HeLLsGamers. While there, I helped create and oversee the HGCE Branch of HG, which includes seven different committees.

I'm here to discuss some big news about an organization our team has worked hard to create over the past year or so, along with some good news about us moving forward.

I'm happy to announce that our organization, Gaming Community Central (GCC for short) has officially partnered with .sneaK's Servers! I'm also happy to announce that .sneaK and Toasty have chosen to serve as Advisors for GCC.

GCC was founded on the belief that server-based gaming communities were missing key opportunities to network and help each other out with achieving common goals. To do this, GCC is taking a three-pronged approach to increase inter-community activity: cross-community events, an aggregated news page, and our inclusive but principled GCC membership opportunity. By doing so, we hope to create a network of partnership and growth based on respect, fairness, and cooperation that supports all communities involved.

That all said, we can't promise much just yet. We need some help. Our organization is run by volunteers, and lately, we haven't seen too much in the way of activity, so don't expect big moves right out of the door. We've hosted large tournaments with several big CS:GO communities in the past, but things have slowed down quite a bit lately. If you're looking for monumental changes, we don't have the capacity to handle that right now. However, this isn't to say we can't plan things. We still maintain our partnerships with communities like GFLClan and Skynet Gaming, and we have plans for a big tournament in the future.

If that sounds like something you wanna be a part of, then you're in luck. We're looking for new staff members, so be sure to...
  • Fixed mass rank recalculation failing on Bhop servers
  • Removed several superboosted times (omnibus s3, colors_final stages, and more)
  • Extended cp1 of surf_chasm_go below window
  • Added VIP clan tags for donors on 1v1 Arenas servers:
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