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Game night! Saturday October 1st

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Fayse added a new event:

Game night! Saturday October 1st

We will be playing a variety of games such as Gartic Phone, Scribbl.io, CSGO Minigames, and more! Join us at https://www.discord.gg/sneak in The Chill Zone voice channel!

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sneaK's 5v5 Tournament

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framed added a new event:

sneaK's 5v5 Tournament

Sneak's Events Team is setting up a short match 5v5 competitive tournament!

The tournament will take place Saturday, July 30th at 1:00 pm EST

The tournament will be streamed and casted on
the official SNKSRV twitch page

How To Enter

Account requirements: No brand new accounts, no private profiles between the date of signup and the end of the match day Server...

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Among Us on Saturday July 9th!! (2022)

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Fayse added a new event:

Among Us on Saturday July 9th!! (2022)


We will be playing Among Us on July 9th at 7:00 PM EST in the Sneak's Community Discord!


Reminder that all community rules apply while this event is taking place! :)

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Server Update - 11/26/21

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Hey everyone, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We're holding a small Black Friday sale for 10% off all Store Credits and most VIP packages in the Donation Store, this will be live until Monday the 29th!

  • Added new maps:
    • surf_anubis (T6 Staged)
    • surf_aquaflow (T2 Linear)
    • surf_slob (T2 Staged)
  • Fixed replay bot spawn issue on surf_elysium
  • Fixed surf_aquaflow Bonus 2
  • Resolved double boosting on 8bit B1
  • Added Movement HUD (!mhud) to Top 100/VIP server for server load testing. This offers a high precision speedo, last jump speed, show keys, customizable colors & locations, and much more. See the video here for more info and let us know if this is something you would like to see on all surf servers!
  • Added new global maps:
    • kz_ambition (T7)
    • kz_bhop_composure (T4)
    • kz_hb_3kliksphilip (T1)...

Server Update - 10/6/21

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Hey everyone, I hope you had a great summer! I haven't posted an update here in a few months, and I'm looking to make that more regular again. Prioritizing content has been key, and I will still post more regular additions in Discord, if you're not there yet (you should be).

Well let's get this party started, everything here will be from the last posted update (5/7) forward.

  • Added new maps:
    • surf_anzchamps (Tier 2 Staged Linear, 1 Bonus)
    • surf_autonomy (Tier 6 Staged, 1 Bonus)
    • surf_constrictor_remix - Tier 4 Linear, 1 Bonus
    • surf_deadline (Tier 2 Staged, 2 Bonuses)
    • surf_giza (Tier 2 Linear, 7 Bonuses)
    • surf_gloomy - Tier 6 Staged, 4 Bonuses
    • surf_harmony (T2 Staged, 3 Bonuses)
    • surf_hektik (T4 Linear, 5 Bonuses)
    • surf_huh (T3 Linear, 6 Bonuses)
    • surf_inferno - Tier 4 Linear, 2 Bonuses
    • surf_kimetrik (Tier 3 Staged, 2 Bonuses)
    • surf_nova (Tier 2 Linear)
    • surf_perennial (T1 Staged)...

Server Update - 5/7/21

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Update round-up is here! Last month was not posted so this will be quite thick with content. Updates are always posted in our Discord as they happen, round-ups are posted here on the website.

  • Added new maps:
    • surf_29palms (T4 Staged)
    • surf_boreas (T1 Linear)
    • surf_crush2 (T6 Linear)
    • surf_enlightened (T1 Linear)
    • surf_fortress (T4 Staged)
    • surf_illusion (T2 Staged)
    • surf_monotony (T3 Staged)
    • surf_n_turf (T1 Staged)
    • surf_parachutes (T4 Staged)
    • surf_paradigm (T4 Linear)
    • surf_ravine_go (T1 Linear)
    • surf_road_to_hell (T1 Staged)
    • surf_rooftopsv2 (Tier 1 Staged)
    • surf_serenity2 (T4 Staged)
    • surf_sluice2 (T4 Linear)
    • surf_stonks (T2 Linear)
    • surf_thesteve (T5 Staged)
  • surf_ardon_fix > surf_ardon_refix
  • Fixed missing wall skip on Bonus 5 of surf_serenity2
  • Fixed weapon cleanup issue
  • Added new global maps:
    • kz_allure (T3)...

4/20 Minigames

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Frumpy added a new event:

4/20 Minigames

Hello Everyone!

It is almost time again for our annual 4/20 minigames night.

The festivities will begin on Tuesday, April 20th @ 8pm EST on Sneak's Minigames server (
  • To connect to the server click the minigames link on this page or type connect into your csgo console.

Be sure to remember that ALL...

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2020 In Review

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Another year, another heavily delayed annual recap! :p

This year was a real special one - we celebrated our half decade anniversary. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think we would get to this size, for this long, and I continue to be humbled on a daily basis by the kindness and generosity our amazing members have to offer each other.

As always, here are some fun statistics from the year of 2020:

Skill Surf:
  • In 2020, we had 157,079 unique players from 148 different countries.
  • We had 46.58 years of play time on surf this year, that's a lot of dedication!
  • The player with the most time in 2020 had a whopping 1,369 hours!
  • We currently have 836 maps in rotation throughout all of our servers, this is up 94 since last year when I made the year in review post.
  • In 2020, we had a ton of new personal bests! This includes 88,246 bonus completions, 302,242 map completions, and 2,405,797 stage...

Server Upate - 3/4/21

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New content from the past month through today, enjoy!

  • Added new maps:
    • surf_8bit (T2)
    • surf_arcade (T2)
    • surf_boy_fixed (T2)
    • surf_clujreek (T3)
    • surf_gudrun (T3)
    • surf_het (T1)
    • surf_lockdown (T2)
    • surf_lovhon (T2)
    • surf_minigolf (T3)
  • Took care of time reports
  • Added new global maps:
    • kz_armored_core (T5)
    • kz_bluu (T4)
    • kz_cranking_the_hog (T1)
    • kz_itz_transcendent (T3)
    • kz_mandelbrot (T4)
    • kz_neoncity_z (T6)
    • kz_northkorean_censorship (T4)
    • kz_procrastination (T6)
    • kz_slide_concrete (T4)
    • kz_slide_rawr_xdeee (T7)
    • kz_sp1_katakana (T5)
    • kz_surf_ace (T3)
    • kz_drunkards_mental_patch -> kz_drunkards_mental_patch_v2
    • kz_bhop_monster_jam -> kz_bhop_monsterjam
    • kz_darkfury -> kz_dark_fury
  • Added new maps:
    • bhop_bram_halloween
    • bhop_enlightened2
    • bhop_future_city
    • bhop_hellish_dream
    • bhop_lade_v2
    • bhop_mall...

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