Counter-Strike 2 is Here!

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Howdy everyone!

As I'm sure most of you know, Counter-Strike 2 has been released. That being said, the CS:GO servers will remain online and playable.

To do play on the servers:

1. Right click Counter-Strike 2
2. Select Properties...
3. Click the Betas tab
4. Under the Beta Participation dropdown, select csgo_legacy

This will continue to work until Valve breaks something.

That being said, there is no currently supported mod framework that the community is rallying around at the moment for CS2. Please be patient while things get developed, and if you are interested in participating in the discussion, I encourage you to visit the AlliedModders Discord:

Thank you all for being here for nearly 8 years, and for all of your support.
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Exciting news about Counter-Strike 2! It's great that CS:GO servers will remain active, providing players with options. Thanks for sharing the steps to access Counter-Strike 2, making it easier for everyone to jump in.
It's understandable that the mod framework for CS2 is still in development. Patience is key in these situations, and it's awesome to see a supportive community that's been around for nearly 8 years.
By the way, have you ever tried cash pay real money? There are games out there that offer real cash rewards. Keep gaming and enjoying the Counter-Strike universe!
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