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Counter-Strike 2 is Here!

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Howdy everyone!

As I'm sure most of you know, Counter-Strike 2 has been released. That being said, the CS:GO servers will remain online and playable.

To do play on the servers:

1. Right click Counter-Strike 2
2. Select Properties...
3. Click the Betas tab
4. Under the Beta Participation dropdown, select csgo_legacy

This will continue to work until Valve breaks something.

That being said, there is no currently supported mod framework that the community is rallying around at the moment for CS2. Please be patient while things get developed, and if you are interested in participating in the discussion, I encourage you to visit the AlliedModders Discord: https://discord.gg/HUc67zN

Thank you all for being here for nearly 8 years, and for all of your support. [IMG...

2022 In Review

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2022 recap, review, whatever you want to call it - it's here!
... you get the point.
Nope, no year in review for 2021. Absolute bonkers year, I feel like it flew by. Sorry!

Anyways, onto the stats:

Skill Surf:
  • In 2022, we had 95,173 unique players from 145 different countries.
  • We had 33.2 years of play time on surf this year
  • The player with the most time in 2022 had 2,108 hours.
  • We currently have 974 maps in rotation throughout all of our surf servers.
  • In 2022, we had a ton of new personal bests! This includes 83,177 bonus completions, 234,435 map completions, and...

2020 In Review

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Another year, another heavily delayed annual recap! :p

This year was a real special one - we celebrated our half decade anniversary. Never in my wildest imagination did I ever think we would get to this size, for this long, and I continue to be humbled on a daily basis by the kindness and generosity our amazing members have to offer each other.

As always, here are some fun statistics from the year of 2020:

Skill Surf:
  • In 2020, we had 157,079 unique players from 148 different countries.
  • We had 46.58 years of play time on surf this year, that's a lot of dedication!
  • The player with the most time in 2020 had a whopping 1,369 hours!
  • We currently have 836 maps in rotation throughout all of our servers, this is up 94 since last year when I made the year in review post.
  • In 2020, we had a ton of new personal bests! This includes 88,246 bonus completions, 302,242 map completions, and 2,405,797 stage...

Expansion and Partnership

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Happy Friday all,

Ending off Anniversary Week, I wanted to let everyone know what I have been considering/working on for some time. With the entirety of our servers being based out of Chicago, we don't quite fully cover the US with ideal pings for everyone, and this has been a consistent, but growing point of feedback from players. Chicago is "central", but our west coast players can see some high pings, depending on location, while east coast generally sees good/acceptable pings. We get quite a few west coast players and have had quite the consistent uptick in players (reaching capacity every night), so I am happy to announce that we will be expanding to the West Coast within the next 3 months!

What does this mean?
Much of this announcement has been in the works for quite some time, mostly in terms of infrastructure/database changes to ensure we have proper capacity for considerably more data and players. Once the west coast servers are in and...

Cheers for 5 Years

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Howdy all,

Here we are, at a major milestone in our community - We have turned 5 today! We have graduated from a small, few dozen players a day to a community of tens of thousands of players per day. Whenever someone asks me about the community, I always like to tell the story. This all started out as a small interest geared towards a group of friends and a few others. Within no time at all, popularity took off - and so did demand. Demand for new content, demand for more servers, demand for more services. While we have grown in size, I am so happy to see how tight-knit we all still are, just as if it was 5 years ago.

This all could not be possible without YOU. Yes, you reading this. Without your participation, without your support, we would not still be here today. We have overcome so many hurdles and obstacles and are still standing strong, and getting stronger by the day.

On a personal note, it is...

Monthly VIP Giveaways

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Happy Monday, and happy Day 1 of Anniversary Week!

For some time there has been discussion about how we can further reward our members for community participation, and just being here - it's so important. After some deliberation (and a wonderful idea from Kuiq Kuiq) we are happy to announce Monthly VIP Giveaways! Let's go ahead and explain:

How does this work?

Each month we will be awarding one lucky community participant 1 month of VIP from each active game mode we host. Game modes are currently:
  • Bhop​
  • Competitive (Arenas & Retakes)​
  • KZ​
  • Surf​
What are the requirements?

Well - this is where it gets interesting. There is not a hard-set requirement of each month, or how you can win. One month could be most time played, next could be most forum participation, the next could be something extraordinary you did for the community. Each...

VIP Sale

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Howdy y'all! ?

Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic that's going around, we have been seeing player numbers higher than even the holidays! There has been increased demand all around, and to help encourage people to stay home and to wash your hands frequently we're offering a 10% off sale on all 1 month - 12 month VIP packages and ALL store credits packages for the next 2 weeks! The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Click here to view our donation perks!

Don't forget, we have a Garry's Mod event on Tuesday at 7pm Eastern - would love to see you out there!

As always, thank you for your support and please stay safe!

Major Forum Upgrade

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Happy Sunday everyone!

The time is here, we are now on the latest and greatest version of the forum software we have been running for the last 5 years. There was a plethora of reasons to upgrade, a couple being: The version we were running on became unsupported in January, and the huge amount of features the latest version brings to the table was just too much to say "no" to!

What's new you ask? Let's get right to it!
  • Greatly enhanced mobile support
  • Markdown Support
  • Native Emoji Support
  • A much speedier and efficient codebase
  • Extended API's for us to use
  • Native navigation & widget support
  • Push Notifications
  • Enhanced alerts
  • Embeds - from just about any site you can think of!
  • "What's New" section
  • 3rd Party Logins - Login with Steam, Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, GitHub, or Discord!
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Dark & Light Themes
  • And much more!
This upgrade required almost an entire restyle, and revamp of everything except the content that...

2019 In Review

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I love doing this every year to show how much we've grown as a community, but also as a report card to ensure that we are doing things right! 2019 was undoubtedly our best year on record, and I would like to share the statistics of this year with you!

Skill Surf:

  • In 2019, we had 182,721 unique players from 155 different countries. This is a growth increase of 22% since the previous year!
  • We had 45.5 years of play time on surf this year. Absolutely unprecedented number.
  • The player with the most time in 2019 had a whopping 1,471 hours!
  • We currently have 742 maps in rotation throughout all of our servers, this is up 70 since last year when I made the year in review post.
  • In 2019, we had a ton of new personal bests! This includes 91,925 bonus completions, 303,426 map completions, and 2,612,395 stage completions.
  • The quickest map time in 2019 was completed by a-ha!, on his own...

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