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Server Update - 10/12/20

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Big ol update post with something for everyone, enjoy!

  • Added new maps:
    • surf_cannonball (Tier 4 Linear, 2 Bonuses)
    • surf_frey2_go (Tier 3 Linear, 1 Bonus)
    • surf_gradient (Tier 2 Linear)
    • surf_mate (Tier 2 Linear, 5 Bonuses)
    • surf_midsommar (Tier 3 Staged, 4 Bonuses)
    • surf_secluded (Tier 4, 4 Bonuses)
  • Re-worked surf_bob:
    • Removed all "hidden" teleporters that allowed you to skip stages, wiped all times that utilized these
    • Converted reverse push on stage 1 to a fail trigger
    • Moved certain stage spawns forward, outside of invisible clip brushes
    • Lowered last stage trigger by first skip
    • Added bonus
  • Changes to surf_rands Bonus 3:
    • Placed an additional teleport that bypasses an existing landmark teleport which fails in certain situations
    • Nulled teleport speed of a CS:S fix teleport to prevent unexpected failures
  • Normalized teleport angles on surf_004_fix
  • Added surf_reytx to...

Among Us Shenanigans

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Ady [Wheezy] added a new event:

Among Us Shenanigans

Among Us Shenanigans
10/2/2020 5PM PST / 8PM EST
As we've seen lately, this game has been extremely popular. I think a ton of people would be interested in an event around it that could become a reoccurring event. If you've been looking for a reason to hate your friends, strategy of course, then you'll love this! Each lobby is maxed out at 10 players, if we end up needing to split up into different groups we definitely can. Hope to see you...

Read more about this event...

Movie Night v4.1!

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Movie Night Event!

As some may have seen, the events team has had a poll up to select a movie for this event. Seeing as many people were pretty split for the decision on genre, the events team has decided to pick two winners. We've picked one movie from the two most popular genres, Horror and Comedy. So we've split the two movies to two different nights listed below! We hope to see you there!

  • 10/3/2020 - Spy Kids 3D: Game Over- Comedy
    • 6PM - PST
  • 10/4/2020 - Pet Sematary - Horror
    • 6PM - PST

On a side note, I've started making a calendar as well as a temporary way to see upcoming events. Don't worry, we will still post announcements here on the forums as well as discord. Below is the best way currently to see these events.

Event's List

Server Update - 9/23/20

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  • Added new maps:
    • surf_celestial (T5 Linear, 3 Bonuses)
    • surf_hotrod (T2 Linear, 2 Bonuses)
    • surf_loweffort (T4 Staged, 1 Bonus)
    • surf_replicant (T6 Staged, 1 Bonus)
    • surf_sacrifice (T4 Staged, 1 Bonus)
    • surf_salvation (T5 Linear, 2 Bonuses)
  • A few Surf Timer updates: Added functionality, a couple small bug fixes and optimizations
  • surf_solace: T6 > T4
  • Normalized teleport angles upon failing stages on surf_lt_omnific_fix
  • Improved surf_ameliorate Bonus 1 end zone
  • Added lasers to surf_waterworks window skip

  • Added new Global maps on 9/7:
    • kz_andromeda (T4)
    • kz_angina_final (T6)
    • kz_beanguy_v2 (T1)
    • kz_chloroplast (T6)
    • kz_crash_fix (T3)
    • kz_emptiness (T3)
    • kz_exemplum (T3)
    • kz_hemochromatosis (T6)
    • kz_ladderdespair (T5)
    • kz_longjumps_easy (T3)
    • kz_owtetad (T1)
    • kz_skybridge (T3)
    • kz_symmetry (T2)
    • vnl_invasion (T5)
    • vnl_whiterun (T1)
    • kz_correguachin_final >...

Server Update - 8/28/20

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Happy Friday all!

We are actively recruiting for the Operations and Events teams! If you wish to actively help us behind the scenes and volunteer some time/expertise, feel free to head on over to the Staff Applications section.

Here is the update round-up of the past month.

  • Added surf_blackheart (T6 Linear)
  • Added surf_solace (Tier 5 Staged)
  • Added surf_stitched (T5 Staged)
  • Fixed surf_sunset2_fix stage 2 booster
  • Fixed clip exploit on surf_trihard stage 3
  • Surf Timer - Minor performance improvements and small various fixes
  • Added new KZ Global maps:
    • bkz_pogo (T3)
    • bkz_zephyr_v2 (T2)
    • kz_antharas (T5)
    • kz_avalon (T2)
    • kz_bloodline (T3)
    • kz_cereal (T3)
    • kz_coastline_gl (T3)
    • kz_how2slide (T3)
    • kz_list_gnida (T4)
    • kz_mieszaneuczucia (T6)
    • kz_slide_vaahtera (T4)
    • kz_slowrun_global (T6)
    • kz_theaquila (T4)
    • kz_zaloopazxc (T6)...

Anotha one! GMOD TTT EVENT!!!

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The Events Team is back with a much requested GMOD EVENT (TTT)!

This event will take place on Saturday, August 15th, 2020. 8pm EST.

The server details will be shared closer to the event time so please join the Discord for timely updates and reminders.

Please note that all our community rules apply.

With everything happening right now, we hope our events give you a chance to take a break and have some fun :)

See you there!!

Server Update - 7/30/20

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Bit of a content round-up from the month, I hope everyone is able to enjoy their summer as much as possible!

  • Added new maps:
    • surf_feudal (Tier 5 Staged)
    • surf_fungus (Tier 4 Linear)
    • surf_premium (Tier 2 Staged)
    • surf_sanctuary (Tier 1 Staged)
    • surf_zoomathon (Tier 1 Linear)
  • Small timer optimization

  • Added new maps pending global status:
    • kz_antigeneric (T2)
    • kz_antimony (T4)
    • kz_anus (T2)
    • kz_delphinium (T1)
    • kz_glide (T2)
    • kz_kohzesucks (T2)
    • kz_kzro_gohome (T2)
    • kz_motivated (T3)
    • kz_nieh (T4)
    • kz_nightcastle (T4)
    • kz_noobfort (T5)
    • kz_portal (T2)
    • kz_rectangle (T4)
    • kz_splopkopsc_frickricky_v2 (T2)
    • kz_trazodon_fix (T4) - Fix of kz_trazodon
    • kz_bananaysoda_v2 (T5) - Fix of kz_bananaysoda_fix
  • The GOKZ Replay Viewer is back up, big thanks to Ruto Ruto and Nicell Nicell for...

Server Update - 6/30/20

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In case you haven't seen it yet, we are hosting a 1v1 Tournament with a crowd-funded prize pool! At the time of this post it is over $200, click here for more info: https://snksrv.com/threads/sneaks-1v1-tournament.3379/

  • Timer changes:
    • Fixed an exploit with moving to spec while timer running
    • Fixed language improperly changing
  • Added:
    • surf_eventide (Tier 1 Linear)
    • surf_greensway (Tier 2 Linear)
    • surf_sunday (Tier 3 Staged)
    • surf_unraveled (Tier 3 Staged)
  • Added:
    • bhop_evolve (Tier 1)
    • bhop_silly (Tier 6)
    • bhop_souptop_final (Tier 3)
    • bhop_straa_babylon (Tier 1)
    • bhop_straa_caves (Tier 1)
    • bhop_straa_forest (Tier 1)
    • bhop_straa_space (Tier 2)
    • bhop_unicolor (Tier 2)
    • bhop_vandora (Tier 6)
    • bhop_xorex (Tier 1)
  • Fixed ztopwatch being unusable on KZT servers
1v1 Arenas
  • Added am_dust1999...

Sneak's 1v1 Tournament

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Sneak's Events Team is hosting a 1v1 Tournament!
Click here to sign up!
The tournament will take place Saturday July 11th @ 2 pm CST

How to Enter
The tournament will be hosted through FACEIT located
Tournament invite will close one hour before the event starts...​

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