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VIP Sale

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Howdy y'all! ?

Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic that's going around, we have been seeing player numbers higher than even the holidays! There has been increased demand all around, and to help encourage people to stay home and to wash your hands frequently we're offering a 10% off sale on all 1 month - 12 month VIP packages and ALL store credits packages for the next 2 weeks! The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Click here to view our donation perks!

Don't forget, we have a Garry's Mod event on Tuesday at 7pm Eastern - would love to see you out there!

As always, thank you for your support and please stay safe!

Server Update - 3/22/20

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As always, here's the roundup since last update!

Bhop has seen sizable changes/additions:
  • After much request, we have a new Top 50/VIP Bhop server! As with our other Top/VIP servers, this features longer default map times, unlimited extends, and a much more private environment. Find the new IP on the Servers page
  • New styles are available: TAS (with toggleable timescale, autostrafer) and plain Autostrafe mode. Future plans include rewinding ability for TAS as well.
  • !challenge now properly freezes players at start, and now tracks wins/losses for future statistics
  • Several maps re-tiered
  • Fixed a few rare crashes on various maps
  • Added new maps:
    • bhop_abyss
    • bhop_alien_sewers_v3
    • bhop_connection
    • bhop_feyn
    • bhop_flashbacks
    • bhop_flox
    • bhop_gloom
    • bhop_inoculant
    • bhop_kairos
    • bhop_lane
    • bhop_nakolesike
    • bhop_spokyforest
    • bhop_spooktober
    • bhop_sugarspeed
    • bhop_wasd
    • bhop_wj...


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Hi Everyone!

The Events Team is back with another event and this time something completely different ...

We present the GMOD PROP HUNT!!

This Prop Hunt Event will take place on Tuesday, March 24th,2020 @ 7pm EST.

The server details will be shared closer to the event time but feel free to join Sneak’s Discord Server for timely updates and reminders.

Please note that all our community rules apply, and you will be kicked/banned for any inappropriate behaviour during the event.

We wish you all a safe weekend and hope to see you there!! :cool::cool::cool:

Server Update - 3/7/20

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  • Added surf_activation (T2 Staged)
  • Experimental fix for the CSGO memory leak implemented, if this is working the surf servers should no longer randomly tank once a day :)
  • Fixed double boost possibility on surf_sequoia bonus 3, wiped those times
  • Fixed double boost possibility on surf_forgotten_fix bonus 1 and added a nojump around the entire start area, all times that had a start speed greater than 260 u/s have been wiped
  • Removed the ability to control replay bots under very particular circumstances (ty Auzzie Auzzie)
  • Fixed kz_purgatory not being available for vote
  • Added !lj/!ljroom to KZ servers - teleport directly to LJ rooms (where available)
  • Updated Movement HUD to latest version
  • Several styling and back-end website updates

Server Update - 3/1/20

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  • Added surf_corruption (Tier 6 Linear)
  • Added surf_kloakk (Tier 2 Linear)
  • Added race/challenge plugin to Bhop server (no persistence yet, so this is just for fun at the moment)
  • Added new/fixed KZ Global maps:
    • kz_mz (T1)
    • kz_machinery (T2)
    • kzpro_JustRun_sp (T3)
    • kz_banjo (T3)
    • kz_snowcastle_sp (T3)
    • kz_aaaa (T4)
    • kz_bhop_lucid (T4)
    • kz_thrombosis (T6)
    • kz_slidemap_ez (T6)
    • kz_choka (T6)
    • kz_cyberspace_fix (T2)
    • kz_zoomer_fix (T4)
    • kz_simple_sp (T5)
    • kz_slide_rov_od_fix (T5)
    • kz_hitech (T6)
    • skz_odious_v2 (T6)
    • kz_bir_dont_fix (T2)
    • kz_purgatory (T6)

Major Forum Upgrade

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Happy Sunday everyone!

The time is here, we are now on the latest and greatest version of the forum software we have been running for the last 5 years. There was a plethora of reasons to upgrade, a couple being: The version we were running on became unsupported in January, and the huge amount of features the latest version brings to the table was just too much to say "no" to!

What's new you ask? Let's get right to it!
  • Greatly enhanced mobile support
  • Markdown Support
  • Native Emoji Support
  • A much speedier and efficient codebase
  • Extended API's for us to use
  • Native navigation & widget support
  • Push Notifications
  • Enhanced alerts
  • Embeds - from just about any site you can think of!
  • "What's New" section
  • 3rd Party Logins - Login with Steam, Twitch, Reddit, Twitter, GitHub, or Discord!
  • 2FA Authentication
  • Dark & Light Themes
  • And much more!
This upgrade required almost an entire restyle, and revamp of everything except the content that...

Server Update - 2/12/20

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Hey all, it's been a while since I posted here, however I have been providing incremental updates in our Announcements channel in Discord. If you're not in there, you should be!! Everything in this update is from the beginning of the year up until this very moment:
  • Added new Surf maps:
    • surf_cement (Tier 4 Staged)
    • surf_flipv2_go (Tier 2 Staged)
    • surf_funhouse2 (Tier 2 Linear)
    • surf_shrug2_fix (Tier 3 Staged)
  • Added new KZ Global maps:
    • bkz_lewlysex Tier 2
    • kz_atlantis_od Tier 4
    • kz_bir_dont Tier 2
    • kz_cyberspace Tier 2
    • kz_dyd_ladderjumps Tier 4
    • kz_evilcorp Tier 4
    • kz_haste Tier 4
    • kz_high_socks Tier 6
    • kz_huber Tier 1
    • kz_lionheart Tier 6
    • kz_okaychamp Tier 5
    • kz_p1 Tier 6
    • kz_simple Tier 5
    • kz_simplejourney Tier 4
    • kz_slide_rov_od Tier 5
    • kz_zoomer Tier 4
    • Updated several maps to new fixed versions
  • Updated GOKZ to latest version
  • Updated KZTimer to...

2019 In Review

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I love doing this every year to show how much we've grown as a community, but also as a report card to ensure that we are doing things right! 2019 was undoubtedly our best year on record, and I would like to share the statistics of this year with you!

Skill Surf:

  • In 2019, we had 182,721 unique players from 155 different countries. This is a growth increase of 22% since the previous year!
  • We had 45.5 years of play time on surf this year. Absolutely unprecedented number.
  • The player with the most time in 2019 had a whopping 1,471 hours!
  • We currently have 742 maps in rotation throughout all of our servers, this is up 70 since last year when I made the year in review post.
  • In 2019, we had a ton of new personal bests! This includes 91,925 bonus completions, 303,426 map completions, and 2,612,395 stage completions.
  • The quickest map time in 2019 was completed by a-ha!, on his own...

Server Update - 1/12/20

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  • Added new surf maps:
    • surf_grotto (Tier 3 Staged)
    • surf_hotwheels (Tier 2 Linear)
    • surf_intra (Tier 4 Linear)
    • surf_uhhh (Tier 1 Staged)
  • Surf Timer - When using !hide, players footsteps around you are no longer audible
  • KZ - Fixed some players unable to access ztopwatch
  • Added bhop_colour_lr_v1_fix (Tier 1)
  • Fixed crash on bhop_ala_laupapa
  • Fixed SMFC not displaying in ranking info on Retakes servers
  • Fixed odd overlap of points being displayed on Retakes servers
  • Adjusted rate of points gain/loss for ELO differentials on Retakes servers (see more here)
  • Improved Discord logging for admins/mods

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