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Server Update - 5/16/20

  • 667
  • 0
  • Added surf_hunty (Tier 4 Staged)
  • Added surf_lovetunnel (Tier 1 Linear)
  • Added surf_palais (Tier 2 Linear)
  • Added surf_psychedelia (Tier 3 Linear)
  • Added surf_theme (Tier 4 Staged)
  • surf_rolly is now surf_rolly_fix (FPS improvements and a couple various fixes), times ported
  • surf_arghmyeyes is now surf_arghmyeyes_retexture, no longer destroys your eyeballs, times ported
  • Re-zoned surf_lighthouse
  • Normalized teleport angles on surf_krow10, fixed various odd teleports
  • Lasered left side of the start on surf_newb_hazard_r1
  • Fixed being stuck in permanent anti-grav on surf_activation if reset used at a specific part of the map
  • Added missing fail trigger to S2 of surf_ny_superhappiest_b3_fix
  • Added am_subzero
  • Temporarily removed the store on the bhop servers until a fix is found for the random spawn issue
  • Fixed ban appeal link on sourcebans
  • Fixed progress bar exceeding acceptable bounds on Servers...

Server Update - 5/4/20

  • 513
  • 2
Roll-up of a whole lot of new content since the last update!

Added new surf maps:
  • surf_original (Tier 6 Linear)
  • surf_quarantine (Tier 4 Staged)
  • surf_rolly (Tier 3 Staged)
  • surf_sanguine (Tier 3 Staged)
  • surf_squirrelsonvacation (Tier 2 Linear)
Added new global KZ maps:
  • kz_alien_city (T6)
  • kz_celestial (T3)
  • kz_generic (T2)
  • kz_kzra_bars (T3)
  • kz_kzra_cliffy (T2)
  • kz_refract (T2)
  • kz_roman (T3)
  • kz_shortcut_tx (T3)
KZ maps fixed with times/bots ported:
  • kz_halicarnassus > kz_halicarnassus_fs
  • kz_nightfall_fix > kz_nightfall
  • kz_slidemap_ez > kz_slidemap
Bhop maps added:
  • bhop_crates_crates_pastiche
  • bhop_fool_2
  • bhop_madness
  • bhop_movetothetrees
  • bhop_pikkulauantai
  • bhop_samcollab
New 1v1 Arenas maps added:
  • am_lockers
  • am_pokemon_arena_v2
  • Fixed Vertigo spawns (if there are still any issues please report them)
The #livestreams...

4/20 blaze it minigames!

  • 733
  • 4
Hi Everyone!

The Events Team is back with another event and we’re taking it back to the good ole MINI-GAMES!

This event will take place on (4/20) Monday, April 20th @ 7pm EST.
You can find the server HERE or join with this ip (

Please note that all our community rules apply, and you will be kicked/banned for any inappropriate behavior during the event.

With everything happening right now, we hope this event gives you a chance to take a break and have some fun :)

See you there!!

Server Update - 4/12/20

  • 699
  • 0
  • Added surf_korn (T2 Staged)
  • Added surf_whynot (T6 Staged)
  • Added bhop_pandora (T2)
  • Added bhop_techno_easy (T2)
  • bhop_nova -> bhop_nova_fix
  • Fixed a couple bhop map crashes
  • Replaced server redirect plugin across all servers - you can now seamlessly hop servers with the click of a button, no need to copy and paste anymore! You can also see who is playing on which server through the in-game !servers menu.
  • Fixed server name length limitation on Arenas servers

Server Update - 4/6/20

  • 445
  • 0
Hey all, little bit of a content update here for you guys.

If you are in our Discord you'll have already seen that I announced an extension to our VIP Sale - this will continue as real world quarantines remain ongoing. We want you to stay safe and keep coming back!

Several new map additions/changes:

  • surf_stick (Tier 3 Staged)
  • kz_aether_fix (Tier 5)
  • kz_civilizations (Tier 4)
  • kz_johndoe (Tier 2)
  • kz_ladderhell_fix (Tier 5)
  • kz_malignom_short (Tier 3)
  • kz_slide_koira (Tier 3)
  • xc_minecraft4 (Tier 2)
  • bkz_synergy_ez -> kz_synergy_ez
  • bkz_synergy_x -> kz_synergy_x
  • kz_babycat -> kz_babycat_fix
1v1 Arenas:
  • am_gulag_2020_test
  • bhop_badges2_csgo (Tier 6)
  • bhop_desert_smoke (Tier 3)
  • bhop_nova (Tier 6)
  • bhop_rip_juss (Tier 1)
  • bhop_tachyonic -> bhop_tachyonic_csgo
  • bhop_victory -> bhop_victory_nya
  • Adjusted a...

Server Update - 3/28/20

  • 545
  • 0
Surf Updates:
  • Added surf_sylvan (Tier 3 Linear, 1 Bonus)
  • Lowered and moved the spawn back on Bonus 3 of surf_activation
Competitive Servers Updates:
  • Re-added extended kill feed info to competitive servers (fixed after last game update)
  • Fixed !rules not displaying on Arenas servers
  • Raised the new player start ELO on Retakes servers to match the stable average
KZ Related Updates:
  • Fixed map names not displaying tiers after a certain map
  • Fixed a map misspelling causing it not to be displayed properly
  • Fixed paint size and paint color menus being unavailable for use by donors (KZT only)
  • Added KZ Global API bot to Discord - see the pinned messages in the #botcommands channel for more info!
  • Fixed autostrafe intermittently not functioning on autostrafe/TAS modes

VIP Sale

  • 1,009
  • 3
Howdy y'all! ?

Due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic that's going around, we have been seeing player numbers higher than even the holidays! There has been increased demand all around, and to help encourage people to stay home and to wash your hands frequently we're offering a 10% off sale on all 1 month - 12 month VIP packages and ALL store credits packages for the next 2 weeks! The discount is automatically applied at checkout.

Click here to view our donation perks!

Don't forget, we have a Garry's Mod event on Tuesday at 7pm Eastern - would love to see you out there!

As always, thank you for your support and please stay safe!

Server Update - 3/22/20

  • 764
  • 3
As always, here's the roundup since last update!

Bhop has seen sizable changes/additions:
  • After much request, we have a new Top 50/VIP Bhop server! As with our other Top/VIP servers, this features longer default map times, unlimited extends, and a much more private environment. Find the new IP on the Servers page
  • New styles are available: TAS (with toggleable timescale, autostrafer) and plain Autostrafe mode. Future plans include rewinding ability for TAS as well.
  • !challenge now properly freezes players at start, and now tracks wins/losses for future statistics
  • Several maps re-tiered
  • Fixed a few rare crashes on various maps
  • Added new maps:
    • bhop_abyss
    • bhop_alien_sewers_v3
    • bhop_connection
    • bhop_feyn
    • bhop_flashbacks
    • bhop_flox
    • bhop_gloom
    • bhop_inoculant
    • bhop_kairos
    • bhop_lane
    • bhop_nakolesike
    • bhop_spokyforest
    • bhop_spooktober
    • bhop_sugarspeed
    • bhop_wasd
    • bhop_wj...


  • 928
  • 4
Hi Everyone!

The Events Team is back with another event and this time something completely different ...

We present the GMOD PROP HUNT!!

This Prop Hunt Event will take place on Tuesday, March 24th,2020 @ 7pm EST.

The server details will be shared closer to the event time but feel free to join Sneak’s Discord Server for timely updates and reminders.

Please note that all our community rules apply, and you will be kicked/banned for any inappropriate behaviour during the event.

We wish you all a safe weekend and hope to see you there!! :cool::cool::cool:

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