Server Update - 3/28/20

Surf Updates:
  • Added surf_sylvan (Tier 3 Linear, 1 Bonus)
  • Lowered and moved the spawn back on Bonus 3 of surf_activation
Competitive Servers Updates:
  • Re-added extended kill feed info to competitive servers (fixed after last game update)
  • Fixed !rules not displaying on Arenas servers
  • Raised the new player start ELO on Retakes servers to match the stable average
KZ Related Updates:
  • Fixed map names not displaying tiers after a certain map
  • Fixed a map misspelling causing it not to be displayed properly
  • Fixed paint size and paint color menus being unavailable for use by donors (KZT only)
  • Added KZ Global API bot to Discord - see the pinned messages in the #botcommands channel for more info!
  • Fixed autostrafe intermittently not functioning on autostrafe/TAS modes


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