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    Is water wet?

    Not everything on the interent is the truth. Google is lying to you
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    Is water wet?

    Well said
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    Is water wet?

    I've had a lot of discussions on the server regarding this topic and I think its time we come to a final consensus about whether or not, water is or isn't in fact, wet? I want to start off by sharing a story. When I was around 13 years old, I went over a friends house to go swimming and at the...
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    One Word Story

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    Last person who posts wins

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    Staff Application - Sors

    Thank you for the reply. You made some very fair points and I just want to address them. When I mentioned "degenerates", I was referring to the people that decide to join the server out of nowhere to only mic spam and say racist things along with conversations going too far. But yes, I have sung...
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    Last person who posts wins

    this is the end
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    Staff Application - Sors

    Username: Sors In-Game Name: Sors Age: 22 Steam Profile Link: Position(s) you are applying for: Moderator Server(s) you primarily play on: Easy surf, Beginner Surf, Advanced Surf, Bhop (in that order) Would you commit yourself to...

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