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  1. cake

    if u read this ur old

    if u read this ur old
  2. cake

    Staff Application - Canti

    +1 old, but cool
  3. cake

    Moderator Application - Demi

    +1 nice & good at math xqcL
  4. cake

    Petition For New Server Sprays

    i need dancing cat pls thank
  5. cake

    Request Report times here

    stage 2 of surf_minecraft_2020 is superboosted
  6. cake

    Accepted Events Team Application - chilly

    +1, nice boy screensharing movie night
  7. cake

    Moderator Application - Sheam

    i'm h-huuuugggewy o-ony the fenyce w-with nyot o-onywy you sheam, but othews appwyinyg a-awso, thewes just beeny 5-5 ny-nyew s-staff m-membews a-added 1 week ago so thewe -most wikewy* isny't a-a nyeed fow anyy nyew mods nyeeded wight ny-nyow. i w-wouwd give you a +1 as you'we k-knyowinyg iny...
  8. cake

    Accepted Moderator Application - whoobie

    +1, gives me stuff in rs :)
  9. cake

    Moderator Application - Sheam

    +1, nice boye. taught me how to sorf!!
  10. cake

    Accepted/Completed bot

    give admins perms to reset bot thank u :)
  11. cake

    Denied Kittentaco's Admin Application

    +1 good man! smells very nice :)
  12. cake

    Accepted Cake's Admin Application

    • What is your in-game name? cake • How old are you? 18 • Link to your Steam Profile: • Approximately how many hours a week do you usually play on our servers (average)? 35+ • Which one of our servers do you play on the most? Easy & Advanced surf •...
  13. cake

    Denied LEMZ'S Admin App

    +1, doesn't smell bad.
  14. cake

    Accepted Sensors Admin Application

    +1, Sensor's a pretty chill dude, He taught me a little bit about kz. Would make a great admin :)

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