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  1. bren

    Hi :^)

  2. bren

    Staff Application - Flowby-

    +1 really nice guy would fit into a staff position well
  3. bren

    Last person who posts wins

    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) @ mog
  4. bren

    Staff Application - Goldblosom

    +1 worlds best surf mom
  5. bren

    Moderator Application - Pickle Rick

    I will also say that surf beginner is in need of a moderator without having to call an admin... that server gets very chaotic at certain times of night and there is no one ever there.
  6. bren

    Moderator Application - Pickle Rick

    +1, hes a real cool dude, never toxic and when there is toxicity he normally tames the situation.

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