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  1. pbjpie

    What games do you own?

    Long story short: we are going to start doing more community events (such as Friday minigame nights) and I want your input! Lower down I made a list of popular / mentioned games. Please check the games you own so future events can involve as many community members as possible. Also, feel free...
  2. pbjpie

    Accepted/Completed new contact details suggestion

    if you can change the description i'd change "steam name" to "steam id" as it didn't work until i used my id for linking accs same sort of thing with twitter, you don't need the url just everything after the @ symbol (putting in your url as is won't work period) and btw minecraft/league buttons...
  3. pbjpie

    Feedback New Rank Format

    So currently we have 21 ranks: My proposed iteration of ranks (16):
  4. pbjpie

    Complete List of Maps on sneaK's + toolkit

    This is a list of all the maps available on sneaK's, in varying formats: Updated 9/5/2017 -fixed surf_666 and maps missing underscores and hyphens -added all new maps listed in the above update Excel document listing all maps tiered by column <-- You need this for the tutorial below. Updated...
  5. pbjpie

    Accepted/Completed any doc listing all maps and tiers

    dear santa, id like a doc list of all maps and their tiers so i can cross reference my completions and systematically wipe out all t1s and t2s in order to get MAXIMUM POINTS before the GREAT POINT DEPRESSION of 2017 also can i have a cool forum title like boosie thx sneak
  6. pbjpie

    Accepted/Completed settings not saving on 1v1 arenas

    example: you can set your gun to ak-47 but it will change to the gun you were using prior when the map rotates. I was using an aug and changed to ak-47, the map switched and i was back to aug. it happened multiple times so it might be worth a look bonus: that framerate glitch people were...
  7. pbjpie

    No Change/Rejected remove the goddamn music on unicorn

    so i have been on here for a total of about 15 minutes and i already want to bash my head into a concrete wall if i have to listen to this happy go lucky music for one more minute. everytime i miss a stage i can hear the unicorns....mocking me..... if we dont get an option to remove the music...
  8. pbjpie

    No Change/Rejected potential bug

    we were just chilling in vip when it was brought up that if you hypothetically bought vip for an admin wouldnt it fuck the settings up? idk if we have a failsafe or anything but its still some good /r/showerthoughts material
  9. pbjpie

    Accepted/Completed forum stuff

    did some digging and found stuff that might be better off moved in a different place - trash - accepted suggestion didnt see anything else out of place :cool: stay litty bois edit...
  10. pbjpie

    Accepted/Completed a life

    gotcha no but ik its relatively new but after tonight voicehud on noob surf would be god
  11. pbjpie

    one hundo posts

  12. pbjpie

    Accepted/Completed pubg wins

    nah but it would be sick if you could move pizza soups ban appeal thread as it expired a bit ago thx sneak
  13. pbjpie

    No Change/Rejected add surf_skyborn

    hanzo was too lazy to make the thread but the map looks kinda fun hes gonna link it and all that i suppose
  14. pbjpie

    Accepted/Completed dumb shit that u can do in 5 seconds

    put giggles on the top 5 thing on twitch move ady's app to accepted play pubg
  15. pbjpie

    No Change/Rejected playermodel issues on 1v1

    this has happened to me on three separate occasions so far so im assuming its a bug at this point. nothing suspicious in the console whatsoever, might be a map issue as it only happened on this specific 1v1 map ill keep you updated with anything else i find
  16. pbjpie

    good tv shows???

    i havent watched much television so list ur favorites and ill check them out owo
  17. pbjpie

    No Change/Rejected misc bugs

    all of these are pretty much pointless and dont impact surf expierence but i thought i would post them just in case ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ the r8 has no limiter when firing in its fan the hammer mode so it can be spammed on end if you do !knife and press a knife and then quickly press default knife it will...
  18. pbjpie

    No Change/Rejected ultra zoom in bug [challenge mode]

    so in order to replicate this bug what you have to do is drop all your current weapons (usp and knife), then type !awp and zoom in once or twice and then drop your awp. you should have no awp but still have the zoom in effect. this might be a csgo problem but its still pretty fun to try to surf...
  19. pbjpie

    Accepted/Completed nominate glitch

    if you bind "sm_nominate surf_[mapname];sm_nominate surf_[mapnamehere]" you can promptly spam the chat in about 3 keystrokes. maybe add a cooldown or something as it seems people are discovering it

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