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  1. edwardCactus

    Accepted/Completed Blueberry >:(

    i need to beat that map
  2. edwardCactus

    Request Report times here

    holiday stage 1....
  3. edwardCactus

    Request Report times here

    Just set surf_holiday s1 record superboost.
  4. edwardCactus

    What other hobbies do you have?

    RIP Pokemon Go
  5. edwardCactus

    Among Us Shenanigans

    Red vented
  6. edwardCactus

    What other hobbies do you have?

    I spend a lot of my time managing my reef tank. I recently just upgraded to this larger tank so there was more room for my fish and coral. Anyone else into fish keeping? I know we have a baker in here, what other hobbies are you guys into?
  7. edwardCactus

    Accepted Staff Application - edwardcactus

    I tried to edit my original submission to include the ban that was applied (incorrectly) to my account. This created a new application. I cannot find a delete option.
  8. edwardCactus

    Accepted Staff Application - edwardcactus

    User name: edwardCactus In-Game Name: edwardcactus Age: 29 Steam Profile Link: Position(s) you are applying for: Moderator Server(s) you primarily play on: Surf Easy Beginner occasionally advanced and top 100 Would you commit...
  9. edwardCactus

    Request Challenge for credits in Surf

    Maybe I am not doing the commad properly. There is a challenge command in the surf servers that allow you to race another person through a map. It would be cool to wager store credits on the race with the person you challenge. Looking for other things to do with store credits.
  10. edwardCactus

    Request Report times here

    I swear I am not trying to do this... on b1 it superboosted me in surf forgotten fix.... it put me at rank 3
  11. edwardCactus

    VIP Sale

    what about those of us that have recurring payments, will the discount be applied? Just curious
  12. edwardCactus

    Request Report times here

    yea i didn't know it was a superboost it was the first time i played the map in a long time. it was at the last stage. Only knew once i finished and saw the rank and time sorry
  13. edwardCactus

    Request Report times here

    Minecraft_2020 i just got a superboosted time
  14. edwardCactus

    Request Report times here

    hotwheels bonus 2 i just got a superboosted time for rank 1
  15. edwardCactus

    Request Report times here

    Surf_ardon_fix I got a superboost time on B5
  16. edwardCactus

    Funny things you've heard on the servers

    that was a catastrophe
  17. edwardCactus

    No Change/Rejected Custom map loading screen

    gotcha. makes sense!
  18. edwardCactus

    No Change/Rejected Custom map loading screen

    I have never run a community server so forgive my ignorance. Are the maps downloaded to a folder on your server? When added to the server does it contain a jpeg (mapname.jpeg)? I know when I played back on cs source all of the servers i played on had their own image on that screen for the load...
  19. edwardCactus

    No Change/Rejected Custom map loading screen

    Has there been any thought to adding a custom loading screen for the maps on the server. Something simple with the Site's logo, list of other server, social media, and Forum URL, etc I know this information is elsewhere when in game, but may be a nice touch and reinforce the Sneak "brand".
  20. edwardCactus

    Request More player skins / Pets

    Just wondering if there will be more player skins and pets to purchase with credits on the server? I think it would be cool to expand what's available.

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