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  1. sneaK

    Denied door frame boy. - STEAM_1:0:45257476

    You were booted from Discord because you were trying to rile up other community members to "join your side". Attempted brigading is not permitted here. Third time is the charm!
  2. sneaK

    Accepted Alpinev3 - STEAM_1:0:3891846

    Bumps don't do anything, and DM's only get your appeal pushed to the back of the line for not reading/adhering to the very first bullet point. We have measures in place to ensure that controllers aren't allowed here as it causes false positive bans like this, but Valve in all their wisdom...
  3. sneaK

    Denied door frame boy. - STEAM_1:0:45257476

    Here you go: Spamming chat binds 3 Mutes for racism: Constant toxicity, above are only a couple examples There's only a small sampling of proof for you, hope this eye opening for you into the kind of person who...
  4. sneaK

    Denied door frame boy. - STEAM_1:0:45257476

    Whether this is a case of mistaken identity or not, the hateful speech and toxicity spewed by the user on this account is unacceptable. You are ultimately responsible for your own account, whether you use it or not.
  5. sneaK

    Denied tyvro - STEAM_1:0:174495815

    If you would stop cheating, attempting to ban evade on different accounts, and didn't have recent VAC/game bans on accounts I'd be willing to accept this. Your most recent account banned: Try again in 6 months, and please stop cheating.
  6. sneaK

    Question for sneaK

    There has definitely been some interest and I'd be happy to offer some merch (maybe shirts, mousepads, etc). Piggybacking off what @mbhound said, if someone wanted to donate some graphics time and designs for said merch that would be a neato thing!
  7. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

  8. sneaK

    introduction: papa_putin

    I know you've been on for some time, glad to see you joining us outside of the game servers!
  9. sneaK

    Introduction to lemon! 🥰

    Welcome aboard!!
  10. sneaK

    Denied wahter - STEAM_0:1:462725072

    Attempting to evade a ban on a different account doubles your ban length here. Using this account to attempt to evade raised your ban time from 1 month to 2. Your ban expires on 7/1.
  11. sneaK

    Accepted bearachute - STEAM_0:1:79192

    Looks like you got banned for matching an IP of a recently banned cheater. I would highly recommend disconnecting from any VPN before connecting to avoid this from happening again. Unbanned!
  12. sneaK

    Denied symbolz - STEAM_1:0:521203147 Your appeal was already denied yesterday.
  13. sneaK

    Accepted Stitch - STEAM_1:0:499390065

    I'm willing to chalk this up to a false positive, if you find a way to reliably reproduce the issue please give me a shout! I have gone ahead and unbanned your account.
  14. sneaK

    Accepted caspar - STEAM_1:1:513224785

    Thanks for your honesty, I have gone ahead and unbanned your account.
  15. sneaK

    Accepted froggo420 - STEAM_0:1:128304542

    Hey there, sorry for the delay. You matched the IP of a recently banned cheater, please disable any VPN before joining here in the future. I would personally recommend avoid using accounts of banned players as well. Unbanned, have fun!
  16. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

  17. sneaK

    Lockers [1v1] [W.I.P.] | Development Feed

    Fair enough, I figured I'd ask so it could be fastdl friendly. Normally you can just change the bsp name and be good to go, but packed cubemaps (which you have) do not adapt to bsp name changes, same with any soundscape scripts and a few other things.
  18. sneaK

    Lockers [1v1] [W.I.P.] | Development Feed

    Neato!! I'd like to update the map on the arenas servers, however since the bsp name has remained the same, that would require players to manually delete their local copy and re-download. Any chance you could re-compile to a new bsp name such as am_lockers_final?
  19. sneaK

    gaming pro

    I like this man and his smol name :)
  20. sneaK

    Accepted dizzy - STEAM_0:1:104631104

    Hi Dizzy, I've gone ahead and unbanned your account. Please review our community rules, and have fun!

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