1. T

    No Change/Rejected I made a map
  2. papa_squib

    Accepted/Completed How to get a surf map on the server?

    Yo sneaK, I'm creating a surf map over this winter break between semesters. What does it take to get a surf map on your server? No hard feelings if you pass on it, I'm just curious
  3. Dick Legs

    Accepted/Completed add surf_nyx

    I know i made a request about this before but i just saw that there is a link for a csgo download this time. this is link to website
  4. chilly

    No Change/Rejected Repeat bonus

    I just watched the showcase video for surf_bonkers_v2 and one of the bonuses looked identical to a bonus on the map surf_classics3. I may be looking at this wrong or may be incorrect but is this true? if this is true could I have an explanation why? (i didnt really know how to prefix this so i...
  5. Bobby B

    No Change/Rejected Surf_Calzone

    Can you please add this new map Surf Calzone. It is a good looking map and fun to play. Thanks!
  6. Willy G

    No Change/Rejected New Surf Maps Request

    Hello all, I have been using this server for around 2 weeks. I love the systems yall use and theres a lot of little things that make this server stand out among the others. However, I have noticed not only a lack of maps, but also that the same ~10 maps keep getting rotated (not anyones fault...
  7. boofin woofer

    No Change/Rejected Maps with missing triggers/need rezoning

    Starting this due to the large lack of triggers on surf_snyada creating very unorthodox runs. This is a list of maps that as of now would need fixing. Maps: surf_snyada
  8. boofin woofer

    Accepted/Completed Addition of a map?

    I'd love to see surf_inrage2 on here. Haven't seen it on many servers, but I'm sure it'd get some traffic.
  9. BDIFF


    OWNER - SNEAK HEAD ADMIN - S P O O K Y ADMINS 1. ADY [WHEEZY] 2. BOOSIE BADAZZ / BDIFF 3. CAMERON 4. DARKNEX 5. DBO 6. DEFSHOT 7. FAYSE 8. FINN 9. PEANUTBUTTERJELLYPIE (PBJ) 10. STORMEX 11. TOASTY 12. TOOL 13. ^jp Welcome to Sneaks server, if you need to get a hold of any...
  10. JumpingHobo3

    No Change/Rejected Adding Surf_Hobo

    So, i want to request that this map, made by me, to be added to the easy surf server. tier-1 I made a video walkthrough, so if any staff want to see it, just pm on discord. workshop link:
  11. Dr. Casual Cat

    No Change/Rejected Brand new map!

    Our fellow surfer, Gibbay, has taken the time to make a surf map and I was lucky enough to test it. I think its a fun, easy map that could definitely be a nice addition to the easy surf server. Below is the link to the workshop page. Link...
  12. Noldyy

    WIP Angle surfzz

    I've been asking people to make a angle surf post on my behalf but everyone who says they'll do it doesn't (aka Giggles) so my hand has been pushed and I have to do it myself. I hear you're looking for angle surf that will fit with your version of ck. Not really sure what it is, but I would...
  13. a-ha!

    Accepted/Completed Some Map Suggestions

    surf_lavaflow Tier: 1 This map should already be on the server but isn't public. surf_ny_platinum Tier: 2 surf_froots Tier: 3 surf_furios Tier: 3 surf_globalchaos Tier: 3 surf_static Tier: 3 surf_nascent_csgo Tier: 4 surf_overgrowth2 Tier: 5 surf_unusual_njv Tier: 5 I don't know if some...
  14. Kuiq

    Request Report times here

    Jenocide stage 1 can be super boosted for stage record *I may or may not have accidentally super boosted s1 record*
  15. Frumpy

    Accepted/Completed Trance spawn

    Whenever you spawn in on trance it spawns you in the celing and you can't !r you need to noclip out of it. It was rip before, but now it's even more rip.

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