1. sneaK

    Extra Life 24hr Charity Stream - November 14th-15th

    Hey guys, as many of you already know on November 14th & 15th I am hosting a live charity stream over on my Twitch channel to raise money for children's hospitals around the continent. Our goal is to raise $1000 this year, with a stretch goal of $1500. There are several donation prizes &...
  2. a-ha!

    sneaK's Servers makes a map?

    ok so i think this would be a fun idear.. so basically everyone is involved. they can share their ideas on what they want for the map. the tier, stages (linear?), bonuses etc.. etc.. how it would work: stages 3-6 (1-20) *3-6 ppl tier 1-3 (21-30) *1 ppl bonuses 1-3 (31-40) *1-3 ppl so basically...

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