1. Peanut Butter

    No Change/Rejected Need some form of administration on Bhop

    Hey, I thought it'd be appropriate to mention one of the main problems we have that is unaddressed on the bunny hop server. We don't have any moderators or admins. The closest person we have would be mbhound, who is limited by positional restrictions. Additionally, it's important to note that...
  2. mbhound

    Accepted/Completed Clantag with rank for bhop

    open to suggestions The rank is overall points on the server, not the rank on the map.
  3. mbhound

    Accepted/Completed NEED no spread plugin for bhop

    For some interactable maps where you need to shoot to jump, the spread of the glock/usp can easily mess up a run. So I think there should be a nospread plugin so that bhoping on such maps are more consistent. Thanks <3
  4. mbhound

    Accepted/Completed Map bhop_whoevenbhops_final_csgo spawn point is broken

    When you spawn in you are stuck in the ground and you have to type kill in console to fix it.
  5. mbhound

    Accepted/Completed No defined start zone for bhop_yuna_zadrot_rg1

    The map bhop_yuna_zadrot_rg1 doesn't have a defined start zone so this map is literally unplayable. Please fix (or make me bhop community manager ;))
  6. mbhound

    Accepted/Completed bhop_forest low gravity record has time with fixed exploit

    There is a patched exploit on the map bhop_forest which allowed players to cut through the map. Therefore the lg records that used this exploit should be removed or the lg records could be refreshed. Thanks!
  7. BDIFF


    OWNER - SNEAK HEAD ADMIN - S P O O K Y ADMINS 1. ADY [WHEEZY] 2. BOOSIE BADAZZ / BDIFF 3. CAMERON 4. DARKNEX 5. DBO 6. DEFSHOT 7. FAYSE 8. FINN 9. PEANUTBUTTERJELLYPIE (PBJ) 10. STORMEX 11. TOASTY 12. TOOL 13. ^jp Welcome to Sneaks server, if you need to get a hold of any...
  8. Kuiq

    Request Report times here

    Jenocide stage 1 can be super boosted for stage record *I may or may not have accidentally super boosted s1 record*
  9. Kisuke Urahara

    Accepted/Completed bhop_fury_rg2 isnt completely zoned

    its only zoned up to the first 3 stages, pls fix

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