1. sneaK

    Server Update - 3/1/20

    Added surf_corruption (Tier 6 Linear) Added surf_kloakk (Tier 2 Linear) Added race/challenge plugin to Bhop server (no persistence yet, so this is just for fun at the moment) Added new/fixed KZ Global maps: kz_mz (T1) kz_machinery (T2) kzpro_JustRun_sp (T3) kz_banjo (T3) kz_snowcastle_sp (T3)...
  2. sneaK

    Major Forum Upgrade

    Happy Sunday everyone! The time is here, we are now on the latest and greatest version of the forum software we have been running for the last 5 years. There was a plethora of reasons to upgrade, a couple being: The version we were running on became unsupported in January, and the huge amount...
  3. sneaK

    Server Update - 9/18/16

    Added surf_bonus (T4 S) Added surf_rstar (T4 L) Added surf_timber (T2 S) Added another fix to help patch the issues from the latest CS:GO update. Removed duplicate version of skybound on 1v1 Arenas
  4. sneaK

    Server Update - 9/17/16

    surf_proximity_final - Added bonus surf_dank - adjusted start and end zones surf_refraxis - Added second bonus Added mg_grands_multigames_2013_csgo_ Added ESEA global banlist to 1v1 Arenas server. If you're banned on ESEA for cheating, you're also banned from our competitive servers.

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