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    Want to run some fun events for the community? Have great ideas and want to collaborate with other motivated individuals to create something fun for many? You are in the right place!

    What is the Events Team?
    The Events Team is a group of individuals who are motivated to create special events for the community! Events bring the community together, and create really cool opportunities for numerous others to participate in unique ways. The Events Team brainstorms, plans, tests, communicates/advertises, executes, and oversees special events. This position is very free-flowing, and will allow you the creative & technical freedom to execute just about any event you want, with the support of every team.

    Position Requirements:
    • Motivation to run periodic events
    • Discord, to communicate & coordinate with other Events Team members
    • No history of repeated administrative action
    • The ability to work well with others
    We are open to social community events, weekly/monthly gaming events (not just CS:GO), tournaments with prizes, you name it! This position comes with shiny Discord & Forum recognition.

    Interested in helping the community and want to apply? Hop on over to the Staff Application Form and let us know!
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