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    Technologically inclined and want to help out? Awesome! We could use your expertise and help!

    What is the Operations Team?
    The Operations Team consists of individuals from all walks of life; from students, to hobbyists, to IT professionals. Ops are what keep all of our services running, well optimized, and constantly implementing new content and features. This could be anything from our website, to game servers & their plugins, to Discord bots. Constant development is needed to keep us at the front of the line, to provide the absolute best experience for everyone.

    Position Requirements:
    • Discord, to communicate & coordinate with other Operations Team members
    • No history of repeated administrative action
    • The ability to work well with others
    • Knowledge in at least one applicable language (PHP, Node, Java, SourcePawn, LUA, etc)
    • Knowledge with at least one of our applications (MySQL, Xenforo, SourceMod, SRCDS, etc)
    A few notes:
    • The positions on this team are very fluid and have a wide scope. Projects could include anything from a small plugin tweak, to continuously managing an entire server-type.
    • Knowledge enough to be able to accept and complete a project is absolutely required. Learning along the way and asking questions is great, however if you are learning from scratch consider applying once you have the basics down!

    Interested in helping the community and want to apply? Hop on over to the Staff Application Form and let us know!
Thread Status:
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