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    Accepted/Completed 8bit b1

    Filtered/resolved on 11/7
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    Server Update - 11/26/21

    Hey everyone, hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We're holding a small Black Friday sale for 10% off all Store Credits and most VIP packages in the Donation Store, this will be live until Monday the 29th! Surf: Added new maps: surf_anubis (T6 Staged) surf_aquaflow (T2 Linear) surf_slob (T2...
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    Last person who posts wins

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    Last person who posts wins

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    Feedback sneak's GOKZ server in NA

    As a temporary stop-gap solution for this, I've implemented a plugin which averages map times and changes the time limit closer to said average times, within a 30 minute - 60 minute bound. Prior to this, every map started with a 30 minute time limit. Hope this helps!
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    Accepted/Completed Showtriggers on bhop server

    Unfortunately server performance takes a very large hit when this plugin is running, but as a compromise I have added it for VIP only use. It is accessible with !triggers or !showtriggers
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    Accepted/Completed speed

    I have added Movement HUD to Top 100/VIP for some benchmark testing - it's accessible by using !mhud. Lots and lots of features - Speedo, last jump speed, show keys, customizable colors, locations, etc.
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    Last person who posts wins

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    Accepted/Completed Showtriggers on bhop server

    There was a thread that covered this: Any thoughts?
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    Request Report times here

    Ah, so as I guessed. Steam servers were failing to authorize users - we should more properly deal with them as this happens, however for the meantime this is a collection of times from various unauthed users, including your couple times.
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    Request Report times here

    Got a link to your steam account? Also, what server you were on and approximately what time (+timezone) did this happen? It's possible steam authentication servers were bugging out, not uncommon around when updates happen.
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    Request Report times here

    Removed all times <14s, filtered each boost individually so should be less of an issue. Also added a filter for aquaflow b2 so it should also be less of an issue. Triggered off some ground area that was missed by the mapper to help avoid bhopping to the end as well. Removed all times <20s.
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    Request Report times here

    bhopping a barely untriggered area is why
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    Denied Staff Application - Griffin

    Howdy @Griffin , thanks for the interest! As @Storm Ex pointed out, you are a newer player here with less than 3 cumulative hours as of the time of this post - our Moderator requirements are 30+ hours right now. Feel free to re-apply when you can meet the requirements!
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    Feedback sneak's GOKZ server in NA

    Hey redmoon, thanks for the feedback! About paint: Paint has been a donor option for over 4 years now on all of our timer servers. Being CSGO, there aren't many significant QOL things we can offer to our donors, but this is definitely one of them - I do not have plans of changing this (for...

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