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    Accepted/Completed why are the surf severs down

    A temporary workaround has been found, servers should be back up.
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    Last person who posts wins

  3. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

    What's up gamers
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    No Change/Rejected Why can't I see my profile?

    Try removing the symbols from your name, sometimes that causes things to act up. You can also view your stats online here:
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    No Change/Rejected Why can't I see my profile?

    On what server?
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    Request Sinsane2 map version

    Sinsane2 was originally added in early 2017. Over 4 years later, a slightly different version came out, a bit more polished up with a different ending and bonuses. I don't think it would do anyone any credit to essentially nullify 5+ year old times and grinding in favor of a project someone...
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    Hi Sneak

    Haha hey what's up :)
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    I'm back

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    No Change/Rejected surf_sylvan Map Record Bot Not Available

    After a few random attempts I wasn't able to reproduce this on Top 100 or my development server (basically a top 100 clone), so I'm going to close this out. Feel free to ping me if/when it does happen on this map so I can get a better idea of what's going on.
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    Accepted/Completed surf_sketchy b1

    Fixed. Also took the opportunity to normalize teleport angles upon failure on the bonuses, since those weren't set properly by the mapper.
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    Accepted/Completed Fractal bonus 1 booster

    Fixed, the start zone speed limiter was improperly affecting the boosts. I pulled the zone back a bit to ensure consistency, however this may affect times - please let me know if this is the case and I can adjust accordingly.
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    Last person who posts wins

    ill slay you
  13. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins

    I gotchu come through
  14. sneaK

    Last person who posts wins


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