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    Denied maybe - STEAM_0:0:523026334

    You were undoubtedly cheating on your brand new account, denied.
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    Denied Peach Fuzz, Peach, Portra. - STEAM_0:1:189555415

    Well if that wasn't the most insincere, low effort appeal of all time. Friendly reminder: You are the sole owner of your actions, you are the one who got yourself removed from this community.
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    Smusms Intro

    Welcome welcome, glad to see you here!
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    bhop grapefruit - Introduction

    Hey I know this guy, what's up brotha!!
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    Welcome aboard!!
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    decap's intro

    Hey hey, welcome fellow washed up gamer 👋
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    Accepted Apollogeist - STEAM_0:1:215064489

    Sorry, looks like I missed 2 more accounts your brother tried to evade with. Should be all fixed, let me know if you have any issues.
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    Last person who posts wins

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    Server Update - 3/28/20

    Surf Updates: Added surf_sylvan (Tier 3 Linear, 1 Bonus) Lowered and moved the spawn back on Bonus 3 of surf_activation Competitive Servers Updates: Re-added extended kill feed info to competitive servers (fixed after last game update) Fixed !rules not displaying on Arenas servers Raised the...
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    No Change/Rejected New game thread on discord

    Seems like this has very little interest, I'd be happy to revisit this if the games were more popular in our discord.
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    Feedback Changing Retake Point System

    Welp, thought I replied to this but I guess I didn't. That's a great point, I've gone ahead and done the calculation and now start new players at an average rating of 1800. This change is live as of right now. Exactly! I'm sorry you don't like it - but that's how an ELO system works. You can't...
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    Request Post crouch/superboosted times here

    Removed, thanks Filled the top 10 completions for that stage with dummy accounts, this stage is forever superboosted by dozens. Everyone gets the stage credit for it, just no tops.
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    Accepted Apollogeist - STEAM_0:1:215064489

    Thanks, I've gone ahead and unbanned your account. This comes with a caveat, however - if he decides to try and cheat here again, you will also receive a ban for connecting from the same IP. You should have a conversation with him to ensure this doesn't happen if you enjoy playing here.
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    Accepted David Draiman - STEAM_1:1:99523308

    Hi there, thank you for using a translator. I have unbanned your account, please do not use this "spin bot bind" here.
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    VIP Sale

    It will not, as paypal subscriptions cannot be modified after they are created.

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