1. Mr.Radical

    Request 5v5 Competitive Server

    Seeing recently with the huge boost in popularity the retake servers are gaining in Sneak's community, I think it would be a wonderful idea to see about creating a 5v5 community competitive server. Hopefully I can help you out with some of these questions you might be thinking. • Why a 5v5...
  2. Saltini

    No Change/Rejected New Server Idea

    I want to see a CTF server in CS:GO. I have gotten mixed reactions on this so far, but I want someone to realize it's a great opportunity. It would be a classic CTF server. There is already CTF Maps on the community workshop, so you would not have to make new ones. All that you have to do, (I...
  3. mk4

    Denied mk4's Admin Application!

    What is your in-game name? mk4 How old are you? 19. Link to your Steam Profile Approximately how many hours a week do you usually play on our servers (average)? 10-15 hours a week. Which one of our servers do you play on the most? sneaK's 1v1 Arenas...
  4. DarkNeX | Corsair

    Accepted/Completed Minigame issues (WiP)

    mg_swag_multigames_v7: -skeet,slide,portal and Knife (the outside ring) are broken due to the bhop cap. mg_crash_bandicoot_party_go_4: -Slippery course and tomb deagle are broken due to the bhop cap.
  5. sןǝndǝɹ

    I host a ark server

    Right now im hosting a 40-slot ark server off my old rig. i have not released it to the public yet! but now i am and it has cool mods that make ark run better and reduce lag when playing in large pvp battles if you would like to join make sure to download the mods from my workshop folder...
  6. mbhound

    Feedback Challenge

    I just wanted to let everyone know that I enjoy the challenge feature in the 1v1 arena server. It is very stable and I really enjoy the features associated with it. P.S. I like to send people who are in arena one back to the beginning.

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