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    Welcome to the overview of the Administrator position! Outlined below is a short summary of what the Administrator position covers, and what the community's expectations are.

    Position Description:
    Administrators are players that are deeply integrated within the community in every aspect, not just in-game. These outstanding individuals have proven time and time again that they are trustworthy, and devoted to community development. Administrators take on the basic responsibilities of Moderators, but are also (not limited to) tackling cheaters, recurring problem players, and general oversight on all aspects of the community with elevated enforcement permissions. All of our community spaces, including here on the forum, Discord, the game servers, etc. are all a part of an Administrator's jurisdiction. Maintaining this position is rewarded with VIP benefits across our entire platform.

    Position Requirements:
    • 16+ only, 18+ preferred
    • 200+ hours of playtime on our servers
    • Previous Moderator position held (3+ months)
    • No VAC/Game bans on record in the past year
    • No community bans within the past year
    • An endorsement from a current Administrator (6+ months in position)
    • Frequent community participation outside of the gameservers (forums, Discord, etc)
    Position Expectations:
    • A sense of responsibility
    • A thorough understanding of our community rules
    • A tactful approach to administrating (non-confrontational)
    • A deep understanding of the community as a whole
    • A commitment to regularly answer calladmins from game servers when necessary
    • The ability to get along with others, be helpful, and have a good reputation within the server population, and turn a negative situation into a positive one
    Interested in helping the community and want to apply? Hop on over to the Staff Application Form and let us know!
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