sneaK's Servers

sneaK's Servers

  • Added surf_germania (T4 Staged)
  • Added surf_papertown (T2 Linear)
  • A few various server plugin updates
  • Fixed stage 9 landmark tele on surf_fruits2
  • surf_impact_njv - Normalized teleport angles, removed s2 exploit
  • surf_fruits2 - Normalized teleport angles, tele from S14 now brings players to the most forward spawn on S15
  • surf_quantum_njv - Normalized teleport angles, re-zoned & added checkpoints
  • surf_take1 - Added cp's
  • surf_pandemonium - Normalized teleport angles
  • surf_ultimatum - Rezoned, disabled telehopping
  • surf_curious - Start zone is now a drop zone
  • surf_dreams - Re-zoned, normalized teleport angles
  • surf_proximity_final - Re-zoned, normalized teleport angles
  • surf_sunset2_fix - Re-zoned, normalized teleport angles, removed doors, moved stage 3 teleporter up to fail teleporter
  • surf_efficacy - Re-zoned, normalized teleport angles
Private servers (CS:GO Surf, KZ, Competitive) are now available again! Click here for more details.

I've also added a GOKZ server to the mix. Times do not transfer over from the KZTimer servers, this is more for people who want to play SKZ, grind for global tops, or just want to play some different maps. IP:
  • Added surf_cinnamon (T5 Linear)
  • Fixed semi-random teleporter on S16 of surf_ghost_busters
  • Normalized teleport angles on surf_lessons
  • Added informative chat message about 1v1 Arenas #2 to the #1 server
  • Changes to surf_legendary:
    • Re-zoned
    • Normalized teleport angles
    • Removed stage 3 -> 4 telehop
    • Removed WR (used telehop)
  • Changes to surf_core_fix:
    • Removed tele trigger that skips stage 3
    • Removed WR (used stage skip)
    • Normalized teleport angles
    • Removed RNG on Bonus #3
    • Removed missing sound error spam
  • Removed fail teleporter at the beginning of stage 5 on surf_halloween_fix (would randomly fail you when you shouldn't)
  • Re-zoned surf_impact_njv
  • Added checkpoints to surf_arghmyeyes
  • Tweaked surf_koa bonus 1 end zone
  • Very Easy Surf renamed to Beginner Surf
  • Fixed incorrect version of bkz_nocturns_blue on NA KZTimer server
Hey guys, I just wanted to update you all on what's been going on behind the scenes - most of it was unnoticeable up until about recently, when some bad performance issues started to occur.

As discussed in this update, I had planned on moving all of our NA servers over to a new system, which provides quite a few more QOL features for myself and for all players. I successfully migrated about half of our servers to a separate machine about a month ago, whilst I was fairly apprehensive about moving some of our biggest servers - NA Easy Surf & NA KZ over to a new machine, due to downtime and possible issues - well, we hit on some pretty annoying issues, suffered a DOS attack of sorts, but WE MADE IT THROUGH.

This should be the end of any sorts of downtime on our NA servers, everything should run smoothly from here on out. To thank you all for your patience for the past couple days worth of instability, I've added a coupon code to the Donation store - use code SUMMER10 for 10% off all VIP Packages & Store Credits (Excl. Lifetime VIP). Expires Tuesday 6/19 @ Midnight.

To rehash, here are some of the advantages of this move:
  • Instantly synced replay bots
  • Near-instantaneous game updates (minutes after they're released, don't wait any longer for game updates)
  • Faster crash recovery
  • Private servers
  • Maps added more quickly
  • Slightly better performing game servers
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