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sneaK's Servers

sneaK's Servers

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know there is some scheduled downtime up ahead for ALL services - this includes all game servers and website.

A short time ago I purchased a new server to host our databases and website on, that has considerably better performance & scalability for our needs. Our current database server has been quite strained recently, as we have been seeing some record player numbers across all servers. With this new server I have revamped just about everything; from significant performance tweaks, to enhanced backup capabilities, all on top of vastly improved hardware. Our FastDL has already been moved over to this server and has been a seamless transition, however our databases will need to be moved, which our game servers and website require to have an active connection to. Because the website is also being moved over, it may take some time for the DNS to be updated as well for some people.

Date & Time of Upgrade: Wednesday, March 7th Tuesday, March 6th @ 11:30PM EST. Expect up to 2 hours of downtime.

Note that the only things excluded from this downtime are the Battalion 1944 server, and Teamspeak.
  • surf_sinsane2_a7 has been fixed after an update broke it, and is now surf_sinsane2_fix (thanks @Auzzie )
  • surf_seasons has been fixed after an update broke it, and is now surf_seasons_fixed (thanks @Auzzie )
  • Moved FastDL over to the new server
  • Added surf_saturday_fix (T2 Linear)
  • Removed kz_marblewalls_fixed from rotation, seems the map was causing some issues
  • Updated KZ & Surf record Discord announcers
  • Removed stage & map times on exocube_h that utilized the end button, lowered s2 tele 20 units to prevent getting stuck
  • Added mg_anime_land
  • Re-zoned surf_stoneage, normalized teleport angles, added checkpoints
  • Final changes to surf_two_colour:
    • Fixed stage 4 & 6 having slightly angled teleports
    • Normalized teleport angles
    • Removed ramp partial visibility on stage 6
    • Moved stage 3 teleport out of clip that you used to have to crouch under to get out of
  • Moved teleport destinations up on stage 1, 3, and 6 of surf_misc, tweaked zoning