sneaK's Servers

sneaK's Servers

  • Crouch/super boost no longer possible on surf_epicube_ksf - wiped all times
  • Re-zoned surf_colours, normalized teleport angles, and prevented crouch/superboosting
  • Updated geolocation databases across all servers
  • Removed music from mg_piratewars_2012_go, disabled autohop on that map as well
  • Tweaked surf_forbidden_ways_ksf end zone at some point last week, nothing significant just figured I'd share it for those interested
  • Re-zoned surf_insideout, added checkpoints
  • Some performance fixes across the board
  • Possible fix for some donors hearing ads randomly once in a while
  • Fixed some permissions issues in FFA DM server
  • Re-zoned surf_fruits
  • Re-zoned surf_delusional and normalized teleport angles
  • A couple small surf timer fixes
We now have a fix for crouchboosting! Post any crouchboosted times in this thread for fix & removal.
  • Removed exploited stage 1 time of surf_crzyfrog_reloaded
  • Increased max velocity of surf_lt_unicorn_official to 10,000 (thanks @boo | ksf)
  • Removed a couple unnecessary downloads
  • Fixed some price/naming discrepancies of some Store items between servers
  • Removed blood splatter & spray from all non-competitive servers
  • Added !showtriggers/!triggers for VIP's
  • Re-zoned surf_reprise
  • Future-proofed surf_crzyfrog_reloaded to avoid any sort of weird skips
We have a new donation system!

The old donation system was pretty janky looking and the way it worked wasn't ideal, but all that is over. Our new donation system allows you to choose different numbers of months to subscribe to VIP, buy store credits, and Rust server donation packages (coming soon™). There are now incentives for donating for a longer period of time! Go check it out!

Current VIP Packages:

VIP (1 Month) - $3.99
VIP (3 Months) - $11.97
VIP (6 Months, 1 month free) - $19.99

Note to current donors: Please donate through the new system only if you are sure your current perks have expired. The new system will not compound days with the old system - however, it will compound days on itself, if you choose at a later point.


  • Re-zoned & normalized teleport angles:
    • surf_1day
    • surf_bob
    • surf_brutalist
    • surf_calamity2
    • surf_cancer
    • surf_colors_beta1
    • surf_hades (also removed s7 exploit and wiped that stage's times)
    • surf_how2surf
    • surf_lolrevlis
    • surf_lux
    • surf_mesa_mine
    • surf_monochrome
    • surf_polygon
    • surf_roomservice_2
    • surf_roomservice_3
    • surf_simpsons_go_rc2
    • surf_southpark_fix
    • surf_surprise
    • surf_timber
    • surf_trapped
  • Fixed several long-standing broken bot replays on maps like beginner, inspire, minuet, trapped, glass5, milkyway, etc
  • Ban wave of ~150 known cheaters & their alt accounts
  • Several plugins updated
  • QuickSort menu not disappearing when no longer looting bug fixed
  • Added Accepted/Denied section of Ban Appeals in forum
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